The Best Split Ends Repair Treatments


Dull, lackluster locks? We’ve got the shiny hair secrets to combat them. High humidity-induced frizz halos? We know just what to spritz for a solution. So what tops our list of hair woes? Split ends. Despite our best intentions to protect our strands, we still find ourselves struggling with frayed, fried ends. Of course, in an ideal world, we’d follow through on those highly recommended 4-6 week trims, but as is typically the case, real life gets in the way. Since we don’t have a hairstylist who makes house calls, and because the last time we picked up a pair of shears for a DIY trim session, the results were decidedly not #hairgoals, we instead rely on these treatments to keep our ends in tip-top shape. Whether your splintering strands are due to excessive heat styling or coloring, or you’re looking for a quick-fix or budget-friendly option, here are the serums, creams and masks to help seal those split ends for good.

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Vanessa Jackman

Splitsville? Not On Their Watch

For The “Instant Results, Please” Girl

If the mere sight of fraying ends is enough to send you into a bona fide panic attack, then you need this quick-fix in your arsenal. Thanks to instant zip technology, this luxe, lightweight lotion works immediately to seal split ends and impart a fresh cut effect. Plus, it contains lush mango butter to nourish strands and keep them extra smooth.

For Seriously Damaged Strands

So, maybe you’ve committed every possible hair sin in the big book of hair care—now what? You reach for this oil-cream hybrid serum, that’s what. This leave-in is packed with the six essential amino acids that hair is naturally comprised of, which bind to each fiber to help restore its original strength and resilience. And if that’s not enough to convince you, get this: It also contains resurrection sap, extracted from a plant that is known to actually come back to life after a decade on the brink of death. To call this treatment “revitalizing” might be an understatement.

For The Bargain-Hunter

It’s literally called a “bandage” so that sounds promising enough already. Beyond the appealing name, however, this reparative formula is powered by an exclusive Phyto-Keratin® complex containing plant-based proteins to physically reconstruct the hair fiber from root to tip, leaving it stronger and protected against future damage. Oh, and did we mention it’s under $10?

For The Serial Colorist

Unsurprisingly, split ends are right at home at the tips of color-treated strands, since they’re already brittle and especially susceptible to breakage. If you just can’t quit your colorist, you can at least strengthen and repair your locks with this multi-benefit serum. It’s infused with smart polymers to specifically target and seal split ends, oligopeptides to smooth and restore hair’s integrity and rice protein to maintain your coveted, vibrant hue.

For The Heat Styling Addict

The ultimate hair care catch-22: We love our flat iron, blow dryer and curling iron. We hate the inevitable breakage that comes with the pursuit of sleek tresses, beachy waves and bouncy blowouts. Luckily, this heat-protecting spray keeps us one step ahead of split ends by defending strands against temperatures as high as 428 degrees. Formulated with organic bamboo extract and kendi oil, it improves hair’s flexibility and deeply moisturizes while strengthening each fiber from the inside out.

For UV Protection

Even if you’re not actively subjecting your hair to heat, just being out and about in the sun can stress out strands. Thankfully, this silky serum offers multi-UV protection and is infused with artichoke leaf extract to seal the cuticle and defend against the depleting, damaging effects of UV exposure and environmental aggressors. It also contains an exclusive polymer blend to repair up to 94% of split ends after a single use and reduce future breakage by 65%.

For The Girl Who Likes Her Beauty Sleep

Slip on your silk eye mask and drift off, Sleeping Beauty. You’ll wake up to lustrous, more resilient and smoother hair thanks to this potent overnight treatment. The unique formula starts out as a gel, then transforms into an oil to infuse strands with Briogeo’s signature complex consisting of vitamins, natural oils and antioxidants. It also contains strengthening coconut alkanes, nourishing algae extract and a shine-boosting, frizz-fighting blend of argan and rosehip oils.

For Curls

A tailored treatment especially for dehydrated, damaged curls, this sumptuous mask harnesses the power of an exclusive complex featuring mafura butter and Kalahari melon seed oil, which coats the hair shaft with essential fatty acids that rebuild the hair fiber. The restorative formula also contains hydrogenated castor oil and a sebacic acid copolymer to bind damaged cuticles, leaving hair smooth and shiny.

For The Multi-Tasker

This airy cream applies the tenets of skincare to hair care. Developed to defend locks from daily instances of abrasion, which includes everything from brushing to exposure to environmental stressors to the friction created by strands rubbing against each other while you sleep (who knew!), it hydrates, conditions and boosts shine thanks to a blend of monoi oil, sugar beet and aloe vera. This does-it-all treatment even contains UV filters to keep hair color rich and luminous.