The Best Split End Repair Treatments For Every Hair Type

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Split ends arguably rank number one when it comes to irritating hair issues. While the ultimate way to remove dead ends is by getting a regular trim, fortunately there are products you can use at home in-between appointments. The best split ends repair treatments act as a bandage until its time for your stylist to step in.

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"The unfortunate truth is you can’t completely repair a split end," Anabel Kingsley, Brand President and Consultant Trichologist at Philip Kingsley, tells TZR. "The only cure is to cut them off." But for an at-home fix, products come to the rescue. "You can mask split ends with leave-in conditioners or smoothing balms to temporarily glue them together."

Penny James, a trichologist at Salon IAT in New York City, notes that a split end forms when the hair shaft becomes fractured. "The cuticle layers have been broken off and the hair shaft splits in two, or can become frayed." What causes a split end? "Over exposure to harsh sunlight will weaken the hair shaft and fracture leaving the hair shaft often split," James explains. The hair expert also says over use of hot tools as well as aggressively using combs and brushes can also make split ends occur.

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To prevent split ends from forming, use a heat protectant prior to using a hot tool. "Heat protectants are a godsend to prevent split ends," Mark DeBolt, co-founder and co-owner of Mark Ryan Salon in New York City tells TZR. "They work by creating a barrier between the heat and the hair’s fiber." DeBolt says to begin your search by looking for products that contain humectants or natural oils. "Humectants add moisture and make hair less prone to splitting while natural oils protect and seal the hair’s cuticle while using heat." To repair split ends at home, below find the best products on the market that'll do the trick.

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