8 Must-Try Shampoos That Won’t Deflate Your Curls

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Curl Interrupted

Curly-haired girls know that shampoo can be one of the toughest products for us to buy. Many of us have seen our locks get stripped of their natural oils due to unfriendly shampoo formulas. Ridding our scalps of product buildup, excess oil or dirt is obviously a necessity but our strands shouldn't have to suffer as a result.

Many women have opted to toss out shampoo once and for all, opting instead for a cleansing conditioner. That's all well and good, but some of these solutions are still not proven to not be effective for every curl type. Thankfully, many beauty brands have added curl-dedicated shampoos to their product lineups—making our lives and haircare routines much more hopeful. We've compiled a list of items that the curl community is currently obsessing over. Take a look and get ready to embrace your natural, bountiful hair.

Lupita Nyong'o's longtime hairstylist, Vernon Francois, debuted his own curly-hair brand last year, which includes an enhancing shampoo.

This gentle shampoo is full of essential oils and oat extract to revive your curls and coils with intense moisture.

This cult-favorite doesn't just smooth and moisturize curls, it also contains UV inhibitors to protect against drying.

This unique combination of coconut oil and charcoal detoxifies and balances curls after each wash.

Jen Atkin's light, hydrating cleanser will leave your curls buoyant and softer than ever.

The blend of coconut and moringa oils have the ability to block humidity and fight frizz, without weighing your hair down.

Wheat amino acids, chamomile and corn oil all work to nourish dry, thirsty curls.

The potent argan oil restores elasticity and provides endless shine, while making your hair more manageable.