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Here’s How I Make My Blowout Last 5 Days

It’s way less work than you think.

Taylor Jean Stephan

I’ve always aced my skin care routine, but hair care — not so much. That’s something that took me many, many tries to get right. My natural hair texture is pretty basic: fine, thick, and wavy, but not the pretty kind of wavy. I definitely need a blowout in order for it to look presentable. However, try as I did, I was never able to get a salon quality blowout on my own. Little did I know I was using way too much of certain products (and applying them at my roots), which made it feel heavy and dirty even when it was clean. My whole routine changed when I recently got really high quality human hair extensions (shoutout to my girl Violet Teriti.) Coupled with a new product regimen, my hair blowout with human hair extensions can now last much longer.

I’m not going to lie — I was weary about getting extensions for the first time (we’ve all heard the horror stories). But because I could never grow it out past a certain length (not to mention my natural texture always looked kinky), I recently decided to try them out. It sounds counter intuitive, but hair extensions are actually less work. Yes, you technically have more hair (a lot of it) but if they’re good quality, you don’t have to do much to make them look good. You can curl them once and they stay put all week — no hairspray needed. The only maintenance is that you have to brush them out (I do this twice daily, morning and night) then add a little oil to the ends each time, just to help them from fraying.

Now, to make my blowout last, I focus most of my styling on my roots — mainly with dry shampoo and texturizing spray. The goal is to keep your roots fluffy and lifted so the extension bonds stay hidden — flat, greasy hair is the enemy. I also started paying special attention to my scalp by using a scalp scrub and vinegar wash, which gets rid of product buildup so your roots stay cleaner longer. It’s really that one day a week where I wash my hair that’s the biggest commitment.

Taylor Jean Stephan

Now that I know what products work, I’ll dedicate a two-hour chunk of time to washing, then styling my strands in a blowout. It sounds high maintenance, but in the long run it actually saves me so much time with my hair.

For the full rundown on my five-day blowout routine, keep reading.

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