Want Fuller Lashes? Then Don’t Miss Out On This Major Beauty Deal

For a limited time only, you can snag Grande Cosmetics’ lash-boosting set for less than $50.

Written by Marissa DeSantis
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The holiday season might be coming to a close, but there are still a few beauty deals to take advantage of — whether you’re looking for a belated gift for a friend or an extra treat for yourself. And if stronger, fuller lashes are on your list of New Year’s resolutions, Grande Cosmetics’ Lash Luggage Set has you covered. Valued at $100, the five-piece set is currently on sale in-store and online at Ulta for $48. Ahead, you’ll find all of the details on what’s included in the set, and more info about how exactly the products work.

What’s Included

To improve the appearance (and health) of your lashes over time, the Lash Luggage Set comes with the brand’s OG product that put them on the map, the Grande Lash-MD Lash Enhancing Serum. The full-size version included in the set gives you a three-month supply of the product, which has won multiple beauty awards and gone viral on Tik-Tok several times over. Additionally, you’ll get travel sizes of the Grande Repair Leave-In Lash Conditioner, Grande Drama Intense Thickening Mascara With Castor Oil, Grande Mascara Conditioning Peptide Mascara, and Grande Mascara Waterproof Conditioning Peptide Mascara.

How It Works

The secret to these products’ lash-boosting success is that each one — from the serum to the waterproof mascara — is infused with conditioning ingredients that work to strengthen your lash hairs over time. You’ll find that the lash serum is packed with amino acids, hyaluronic acid, glycerin, and grape seed extract to nourish lashes from the roots and help prevent the breakage that can occur when your lashes become brittle and dry. The lash conditioner further helps to protect against breakage and environmental damage with a biotin peptide and several moisturizing botanical extracts, including sunflower seed oil, avocado oil, and apple fruit extract. The mascaras also stand apart from your average formula, as they pair jet-black color and volumizing waxes with ingredients like castor oil and peptides to promote softer, healthier lashes.

Grande Cosmetics/Ulta

How To Use It

For the full lash-enhancing benefits, Grande Cosmetics recommends that you use the Grande Lash-MD serum once daily, every day for three months. You only need one swipe of the product, applying it along your upper lash line (like you would an eyeliner) so that it can get to work on conditioning your lashes from the roots. If you choose to apply the serum in the morning and you plan to use eye makeup and mascara after, be sure to let the serum fully dry for several minutes.

To help strengthen your lashes, you can apply the Grande Repair Leave-In Lash Conditioner next, swiping it over your top and bottom lashes as you would a traditional mascara (you can also apply this one at night if you prefer). Then, finish up by instantly adding some definition and bulk to your lashes with one of the three mini mascaras in the set. For everyday volume, try the Conditioning Peptide Mascara, or opt for the Intense Thickening Mascara for even thicker, clump-free lashes. Or, when you need a mascara that holds up through snow, sweat, and rain, reach for the waterproof version of the Conditioning Peptide Mascara.

Shop The Set

You can buy the limited-edition set on Ulta through the link below, but keep in mind that this deal is only going to last for a few more weeks, you’ll want to act fast.

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