2015 Golden Globes: Hollywood’s New Lipstick Obsession

by Stephanie Montes

It’s not uncommon to see Golden-Globe goers wearing a classic red lipstick but this year was all about the fuss-free nude lip. We asked Kristofer Buckle–celebrity makeup artist responsible for Jessica Chastain’s pretty red carpet look–for his expert tips on rocking the trend. From Diane Kruger’s rosy shade to Rosamund Pike’s natural-looking gloss, see which celebs nailed the trend and shop the neutrals that made a statement on one of the most important nights in Hollywood.

Jessica Chastain

"Add a dot of peach gloss to center of the lower lip and press together to add life to a pale lip." Keep the look cohesive with equally warm eyeshadow.

Photo: Getty Images

Rosamund Pike

"Nude lips can't be dry–they should look plump moist and healthy."Layering a sheer gloss over a nude lipstick adds a youthful element to what could otherwise look like a mature makeup look. That and a great new haircut.

Photo: Getty Images

Diane Kruger

"If you are lighter complected use a shade that stays within the flesh tone." Opt for a slightly pinker lipstick shade–one with yellow tones makes you look unnatural and washed-out.

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Chrissy Teigen

Wear a true nude lipstick that matches your skin tone only if your eye makeup is subtle. Dramatic eyes paired with a lip "that matches your skin color erases your lips". Not a good look–but it sure can distract others from looking at your distinct crying face.

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Gina Rodriguez

A matte lip can't hide behind pretty shine so it has to look perfect every single time. "Using a small amount of product just to get the effect keeps your lips looking tidy and not heavy."

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