Bali In A Bottle

by The Zoe Report

At any given time, my powder room is filled with countless concoctions—opulent bubble bath, renewing face wash and a plethora of sweet-smelling lotions. Basically, something for every beauty need imaginable. Of course, no at-home spa is complete without a decadent, aromatic body oil, which leads me to today’s Geisha by Bali James Body Oil.

A little piece of heaven, this luxuriously light serum combines cold pressed oils, Vitamin E and coconut skin conditioner to upgrade your post-shower experience. Trust me, after just one use you will not want to ever live without it…or any of Bali James‘ other alluring products. After just launching this year, Bali, a London native—and loved member of the Byron & Tracey Salon team—is already making waves in the beauty scene with her line of coveted creations that are beautiful inside and out. Each luxurious item comes in a signature black bottle that will polish the decor in any room. Love. Now, set the Body Oil upon your shelf—perhaps alongside Bali James’ goddess-like Bath Salts and Body Buff—and indulge…often! xoRZ

Availability: Geisha by Bali James Body Oil ($36). For additional retailer information, visit Balijames.com.

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