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14 Valentine's Day Nail Designs For The Lover In You

Hearts, French tips, color-blocking, and more.


It doesn't matter if you're single, madly in love, or just going with the flow — a great Valentine's Day-themed manicure can always be appreciated. With so many (if not all) celebrations relegated to the house right now, the best Valentine's Day nail designs are all about creating a festive environment right where you can see it — on your hands. That's why you'll be loving looks that are bright, intricate, and anything but boring.

That said, for those doing at-home manicures, it may be wise to avoid going big right off the bat. "When attempting nail art at home, it is best to start simple to build up your confidence and a steady hand," Aja Walton, celebrity and editorial nail artist says. "I often hold my breath for a few seconds while painting to achieve straight lines [...] Invest in some thin liner brushes and dotting tools as they will help you create most nail art designs."

Ready to deck your nails in festive designs? Ahead, check out 14 manicures that will get you in the mood for love, be it for someone else or for yourself.

Valentine's Day Nail Designs: Swirls Of Love

The perfect manicure for novices, this swirling effect requires little skill and just a dash of patience. Simply start by painting on a single color and allow it to dry. Then, use an angled brush to drag a different hue across the nail. Repeat using different shades for a layered effect.

Valentine's Day Nail Designs: Love Notes

Express your true feelings through your nails. Whether it be through small words of affirmation or sweet kiss marks, there's no better way to wear your heart on your sleeve, er, hand. And if you aren't exactly Picasso with a nail brush, fear not: There are plenty of decals to help you get your love-centric point across.

Valentine's Day Nail Designs: Red French

There are countless variations of this fan-favorite nail look out there. This month, incorporate red, pink, or both to really make the mani pop. You can play around with shapes, line size, and color blending.

Valentine's Day Nail Designs: Color Blocking

Can't decide on just one color? Then don't! Incorporate any shade you want for a design that's so versatile. Plus, color-blocking makes for the ideal at-home nail design. All you need are a few pieces of tape, multiple polish colors, and a bit of patience.

Valentine's Day Nail Designs: Hearts Galore

Despite being the most predictable design of all, there are plenty of ways to spice up the classic heart. The easiest way to try it is by using stencils or stickers, so you can master the shape without all the strife.

Valentine's Day Nail Designs: Airbrushed Pinks

For this intricate look, you should see an expert — that is, unless, you're an expert yourself. To execute properly, an airbrush machine is required, so prepare to practice a steady hand or hit the nail salon.

Valentine's Day Nail Designs: Romantic Duos

"I love a tonal mani and it's perfect for almost any occasion," Sarah Gibson Tuttle, founder of Olive & June tells TZR. "Plus, you don't have to choose just one color which is perfect for a Libra like me. Just choose a color family that suits your mood and go for it."