Your Beauty Horoscope For February

by Stephanie Montes

What’s your sign, gorgeous? Whether you are a Gemini with an active imagination, a Taurus with a love for all things beautiful or another sign entirely, we know you’ll appreciate knowing what’s in store for you this February. Find out what you can expect and get our beauty tips for looking your best all month long. Teaser: If the stars align, you just might be looking at a fresh, new haircut.

Let The Stars Guide You Into Your Most Beautiful Month Yet


This month is all about the four-letter word: L-O-V-E–and it has nothing to do with Valentine's day. Your confidence (and amazing hair) will gain the attention of someone special so take this opportunity to play with your day-to-day style. Try a new braid or a sleek, slicked-back look, but refrain from cutting off any length.


You are a natural beauty with a strong devotion to those closest to you. This month plan a picnic, host a day of wine-tasting or lead a group hike for friends–anything that gets you together with others and celebrates nature. Show your true beauty and go with a no-makeup look (some BB cream, a mousse blush and moist lip balm), and pull your hair away from your face. A topknot or a milkmaid braid has never looked so good.


You're a true work-hard-play-hard kind of girl. Your social life couldn't be more exciting, and your colleagues are all praising your incredible work. What better way to show your winning streak than with an eye-catching mani? Reach for sunshine yellow the next time you pop into the salon for a color change–it reflects your enthusiasm, curiousness, strength and clever wit.


You are always pulled together, and your constant radiance is undeniable–mostly because your power color mirrors that of moonlight. For you, this month is all about your career and finances so be sure to shine on the outside as bright as you do on the inside when you get that raise at work. Try a new highlighter this month to make your amazing cheekbones stand out.


You are lovable, passionate and dominant in relationships. This year, your perfect Valentine's Day consists of a front-row seat at Fifty Shades of Grey (we're with you on that one). This month get a look that is as intense as you are by wearing your hair up in a flirty chignon and rocking a bold red lip.


You are no stranger to a weekly spin class and constantly watch what you eat. This month you kick it into overdrive and have never felt better. Doubling up on your chia seeds is making your nails stronger, and those extra helpings of raspberries have your hair shining like the sun. For a big night out, break out your bronzer and try a flattering contour.


You are modest and soft-spoken but you also enjoy your time in the spotlight. This is your month to shine and try something new. You have an important and exciting event coming up so why not take this opportunity to show off your new haircut or dye job? In the mood for a drastic change? Try a platinum or pastel-colored 'do. The thought may be nerve-wracking, but the payoff is well worth it.


Special recognition is headed your way, and it's shining a public light on your professional life. Aside from your incredible work ethic, the other thing others focus on are your expressive eyes. Make your peepers pop even more by trying false lashes and a smoky eye. Update your go-to smoldering look by using purple eye shadow.


You are a worldly and educated traveler. Your curiosity leads you to beautiful places most people don't take the time to discover. Whether you're taking a trip abroad or going on a weekend getaway, plan to get some color this month. If you plan to soak up the sun, don't forget your SPF. For a more immediate dose of color, try a new orange blush.


This month is all about making over your home, seeking inspiration for a new look and diving into at-home DIY projects. Take this time to declutter your space, purge what you don't use anymore and refine your sense of style. When it comes to your closet and makeup collection, go for quality over quantity. At the end of the month you'll look more polished than ever. The daytime smoky eye (chocolate browns, coppers, and caramel shades) should be your new signature look.


This is your time, beautiful. (In case we haven't missed it, happy birthday!) With the month of love upon us and the stars aligning, you might be in for a marriage proposal or a new business partnership. Start your new relationship with tell-all eyes and fun pops of color. This month try shadows and eyeliners in cobalt blue, fuchsia and neon shades.


This month you'll experience a boost in finances. Take this opportunity to invest in a new pair of great heels. Before you slip on those gorgeous new shoes, take the time to pamper yourself with a relaxing pedicure. If you get stuck at your salon's color wall, your power colors are light turquoise, pale mint green, lavender and white.