10 Maximalist Manicure Designs That Give Main Character Energy

The star of the show.

by Natasha Marsh
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Minimalist nail designs might be classy and clean but not necessarily the route to choose when you want to showcase creativity. For that, there are maximalist designs filled with chrome, embellishments, glitter, and lots of nail art. Ahead, 10 fall 2022 nail art ideas that scream go big or go home.

Chrome Tips & Graphics

Let your creativity flag fly with multiple techniques like French tips, negative space, marble nails, and more.

Daisy Chic

For a graceful and colorful maximal design, look no further than daisies with bright pops of color.

Chrome Frenzy

Chrome nails work well in any season but especially in autumn when you need a refresh. To make chrome nails stand out you can add on fun nail stickers.

Happy Skies

Go for a cheerful, maximal manicure with as many hearts, clouds, and rainbows that you desire.

Disco Party

Channel ‘70s tie-dye with this roller party manicure. If you’re doing this one at home, don’t forget a base coat for long-lasting durability.

Print Pop

Whether you choose cow print, plaid, or squiggles, this is a great mani for those who like to experiment with design and color.

Black Elegance

A bold take on the French manicure with small floral details, this is a great design for those that still want to keep things classy.

Melting Pot

If you can’t decide on a theme or color, showcase them all with multiple accent fingers. You’ll be sure to turn heads with zebra stripes, flames, and florals.

Cotton Candy

With colder temperatures approaching, keep things light and cheery with this tie dye assortment of colors. Be sure to finish with a top coat for a chip-free manicure.

Mocha Swirls

Brown nail lacquer and autumn go hand in hand and with this chic manicure. Combine multiple tones for an eye-catching look.


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