A Trick For Pulling Off Orange Nail Polish In The Winter

We’re a mere hours into the fall 2014 shows and already: a beauty look we can’t live without. Essie manicurist Julie Kandalec created this layered manicure to complement the ‘7os-inspired clothing at Veronica Beard’s fall presentation and we’ve decided it’s the perfect way to tone down a bright, summery orange for the cold-weather season.

Want to try this pretty look at home? Start with a clear base coat to smooth and protect nails and then follow with a soft brown neutral polish, like Essie’s Mink Muffs, which was used at the show. Once dry, layer an electric orange lacquer on top. (Kandalec used Meet Me At Sunset, which is perfect for the beach but begging to be toned down for February wear.) Complete the look with a high-shine top coat and voila – retro-cool nails that’ll cure any case of the winter blahs.