FaceGym’s New Skin Care Product Is Like A HIIT Workout For Your Face

You’ll see results fast.


You know when you leave a workout feeling totally refreshed and ready to take on the world? That’s the result FaceGym wants to apply that to your skin care routine. Between high-performing formulas and innovative face tools, the luxe brand applies the principles of fitness to help you achieve your best skin yet. Its latest release, Active Blast, might just be the boost of energy you’re looking for.

Developed over fourteen years, the skin booster comes in individually packaged spheres that contain vegan collagen derived from fermented yeast and powered by a bio-available peptide chain called Basic Fibroblast Growth Factor. It’s available in a 28 day supply for $165 as well as a seven day supply for $60, depending on what your skin goals are. Both pack sizes come with a free mini Hydro-Bound Serum, which FaceGym recommends combining with Active Blast for the best results.

After one month of daily use, Active Blast claims to reduce wrinkles and hyperpigmentation while increasing brightness and evenness of skin tone for an overall youthful glow. In just seven days, however, the product can offer a quick blast of skin renewal — making it perfect for the week before a big event.

How To Use Active Blast

Active Blast isn’t your average skin care product, so you might need a little guidance when it comes to using it. In either the morning or evening, FaceGym suggests dispensing one sphere into the palm of your hand and mixing one to two drops of its Hydro-Bound serum (or another water-based serum) and watch the Active Blast dissolve. Then, apply to damp skin and follow with FaceGym’s unique collagen contour application method:

  • Plucking, which involves placing one hand on the skin above your mouth and gently “plucking” the skin around your nose using your thumb and forefinger with the other, helps to plump out the nasal labial fold lines to boost collagen production and increase oxygenation to the area.
  • Nasal labial flicks, aka using your index fingers to flick outward and upwards on either side of your nose, to encourage product absorption and iron out expression and fine lines.
  • Frontalis slides, or smoothing your fingers over your forehead in an upward motion, to reduce the appearance of expression lines in the forehead.
  • Finally, frontalis semi-circles to stimulate your fibroblasts and increase collagen production. This is performed by using your two index fingers to make mini semi-circles in opposite directions on your forehead.

Intrigued? Active Blast (which just re-launched on FaceGym.com) will be available at Sephora on March 29, so you can shop the collagen booster along with your tried-and-true favorites.

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