This Face Self Tanner Looks So Real You Can Fake An Italian Riviera Vacation

Zero streaks in sight.

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Although a healthy golden glow is one of the easiest ways to brighten up your complexion, true beauty babes know that it’s not worth sacrificing the health of your skin in exchange for a few UV rays. Excessive sun exposure and damage is not only dangerous (1 in 5 Americans will develop skin cancer in their lifetime) but will also inevitably lead to fine lines, wrinkles, and dark spots — not ideal. So, how do you balance that desire for a bronzed visage with the realities of sun safety? Enter a face self tanner to the rescue.

If you’re hesitant to try this fairly notorious type of beauty product, it’s understandable (how many movies and TV shows have made a joke at the expense of some poor, overly orange man or woman?). Thankfully, there have been numerous advancements in the self tanner space over the last few years with brands debuting formulas that work for a variety of skin tones (because yes, people with darker skin can absolutely utilize a tanning product to boost glow and even out the complexion), last longer, apply more evenly, and generally look as natural as possible — because there’s nothing worse than spotting a streaky finish in a random mirror when you’re out in the world and can’t rectify the issue.

To ensure that your tanner is even, smooth, and streak-free just remember to thoroughly exfoliate before you start your tanning journey. As Dila Djokaj, founder of L.A. Sun Spray Tan, tells TZR, “Self-tanners sit on the top layer of your skin and as your skin naturally exfoliates, the tan goes with it, so you always want to start with a fresh pallet.” Finish your skin care routine with your favorite moisturizer and sunscreen, allow them to dry, and then you’re ready to dive in with your tanning product of choice.

In case you’re on the hunt for a new face self tanner to add to your beauty lineup, check out the 10 vetted and noteworthy options below.

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