Eyeshadow Sticks Are The Ultimate Hack For Smoky Eyes & More

They’re foolproof.

eyeshadow sticks
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Out of the many makeup products, eyeshadow palettes can be the most daunting. While having an assortment of colors on hand can be great for creating artistic looks, figuring out the right combination of shades to use and how to apply them can be overwhelming. So it’s nice to have an easier road to your makeup destination. Enter eyeshadow sticks. These products are the unsung heroes of makeup bags for good reason. Like a crayon, they deposit color to the surface of your lid and stay put for hours on end. But best of all, they do so with ease.

Thanks to their cream-based formulas, eyeshadow sticks glide on smoothly and many have a deeper color pay-off than traditional powders. Better yet, many brands have diverse shade ranges that include both matte and shimmer finishes. You can use them as a base to amplify the hues of your favorite eyeshadow palette or to create a multi-dimensional look. Whether you’re planning a bold smoky eye or simply want a sheer wash of color, you can count on these handy products to get you there. Many formulas even boast skin-loving ingredients that nourish your eyelids and prevent tugging when you’re applying them.

Read on to discover the best eyeshadow sticks to add to your collection.