3 Eye Makeup Techniques For Every Occasion

Launching today, Charlotte Tilbury’s new Eyes to Mesmerise line of cream eyeshadows are super easy to apply, making them the perfect solution for the all-too-frequent predicament of being in a rush while frantically trying to put on makeup. Since Charlotte is the queen bee of all things beauty, we asked for her tips to get an effortless look for day, night and a special occasion. With wedding season on the horizon, now is the time to get your eye makeup strategy sorted. You do not—we repeat—do not want to be late for your best friend’s wedding because your attempt at a smoky eye veered more toward black eye. Follow Charlotte’s advice and you’ll be prepped with the perfect look no matter what occasion comes your way.

3 Fab Looks From Makeup Expert Charlotte Tilbury

Eye Makeup For Day

“For a gorgeous, soft and natural look, swipe on the Jean shadow, which is inspired by Marilyn Monroe and Jean Harlow. It's a sparkling pink Champagne color that perfectly off-sets blue eyes. The water-infused formula soothes and hydrates the eye area and offers seamless application for results that last all day.”

Eye Makeup For Night

“For a dramatic nighttime look, amp things up by using Cleopatra—a vibrant peacock hue inspired by one of the most powerful women in history—with a blending brush. Work the brush back and forth over the lid like a windshield wiper for a high-sheen intense smoky eye that doesn’t crease."

Eye Makeup For A Special Occasion

“For a special occasion, transform your smoky eye from chiffon to liquid lamé by dampening the brush. The velvety texture allows you to build up deep, intense colors. The Mona Lisa shadow is a warm, amber bronze in homage to the world-famous painting by Leonardo da Vinci. Mona Lisa’s gaze holds eye contact through a genius technique, invented by Leonardo da Vinci, called sfumato—the original smoky eye!”