Estée Lauder’s New Perfume Collection Introduces Iconic Scents To A New Generation

Legendary eau de parfums only.

Courtesy of Estée Lauder
estee lauder legacy collection
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Cover songs, film remakes, and television reboots honor the original works of art while simultaneously modernizing them so they’re relatable to an entirely new generation. The same ethos is applicable to fragrance, specifically Estée Lauder’s Legacy Collection. As a means to honor the impact Lauder had on revolutionizing the way women wear perfume, the brand has reimagined five of her most iconic scents with the help of renowned perfume editor, Frédéric Malle. Estée Lauder is introducing a new campaign for the collection starring global brand ambassador Carolyn Murphy. Each of the five images embody one of the updated fragrances’ moods.

“I have always admired the original perfumes and while I knew how good they were, they had been left to the side and not given the attention they deserved,” Malle tells TZR. “However, they lacked a certain modernity, so I came up with the idea of restoring them and cleaning them up a bit. I wanted to bring more color to them; it’s like a little photoshop job.”

When creating the Legacy Collection, Malle set out to celebrate the heritage of the original perfumes while attracting a new audience. He achieved this feat by updating and cleaning up the juices with modernized, high-quality ingredients. The lineup includes Azurée Legacy, a woodsy, Mediterranean-inspired juice; Private Collection Legacy, a fresh green scent; White Linen Legacy, a bold, sensual aroma; Knowing Legacy, a warm fruity gourmand; and Estée Legacy, a musky floral.

Courtesy of Estée Lauder

“I had to decipher which of the existing ingredients were integral to the formulas and which ones were creating a haze to the original intention,” Malle says of his creative process. “You go through trial and errors to carve the character and to make the juice more expressive. The idea was to really purify each one.”

Prior to Lauder creating her first scent called Youth Dew in 1953, fragrance was seen as a gift for special occasions rather than an object one should buy (and wear) for themselves. As she continued to build out an assortment of fragrances under her namesake brand, so did women’s fragrance wardrobes across the country. The original counterparts of the perfumes in the Legacy Collection provided these women scent options they could tailor to their specific moods. And in 2024, the these modern adaptions of the fragrances will be just as impactful.

The Estée Lauder Legacy Collection is now available at esteelauder.com.

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