Emily Ratajkowski Just Revealed Her Pregnancy Hair Care Routine

She's using this luxe collection.

by Sara Spruch-Feiner
Courtesy of Kérastase

In a new video in partnership with Kérastaste titled "Instants of Falling," Emily Ratajkowski talks about her personal experiences with "falling" — in love with her new body, for the life inside of her. However, one of the instances of falling the model is not so thrilled about is postpartum hair fall. Thankfully, Ratajkowski's pregnancy hair care is one thing she's all set on. "I feel really glad that I have the Kérastase Genesis product line, which is designed to help with this," the mom-to-be says in the video. "So, I use the shampoo. It smells really great, which is good since smells can really go one way or the other for me." Ratajkowski, a spokeswoman for the luxury hair brand is counting on the line to help strengthen her hair while she's pregnant —and pre-empt the aforementioned hair loss that can be so common for new moms.

Hair fall, Kérastase explains in the collection's press release, typically results from one of two factors. Physiological hair loss often is often caused by medical conditions, genetics, or other biological factors. Fall from breakage is caused by weakened hair which can come about from extensive heat, brushing, or over-styling. The Genesis collection uses a fortifying complex comprised of edelweiss native cells, ginger root, arginine, and caffeine, which help give hair strength and softness, moisture, and shine. The line, it should be mentioned, is also known for its beloved fragrance, which is filled with bergamot (of which Ratajkowski is clearly a fan).

The collection is comprised of two shampoos, a conditioner, a mask, a scalp serum, and a heat protectant/blow dry spray. The brand sells pre-kitted routines that select the best products for oily or dry hair types. Want to give it a try and see what all the buzz is about? Shop the collection below.

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Courtesy of Kérastase