Editor’s Picks For Best Beauty Products: October 2015

Here at RZHQ, we love trying new beauty products—and it’s not lost on us that we’re lucky to have access to the latest and greatest from tried and true brands, as well as the opportunity to discover new, emerging lines. But what good would it be if we kept our of-the-moment faves to ourselves? Each month, we’ll share our current obsessions in hopes that you’ll love them just as much as we do. Here, our top picks for October.

Courtesy of Tibi

October Beauty Discoveries

"You might not consider a silk pillowcase to be an addition to your beauty regime but hear me out. Since I've started sleeping with this, I no longer wake up with pillow marks, which can also cause early aging and wrinkles. Also, since my hair glides off the pillow, I've noticed that it's less frizzy in the mornings and it doesn't get snagged (which means less breakage). It's basically a night cream and hair mask rolled into one." — Stephanie Montes, Beauty Editor

"I got this mascara from our beauty editor Steph when I had run out of my usual favorite tube and was in a pinch. I didn’t realize that this would end up becoming my new favorite mascara. It makes my eyelashes insanely long and full with only two coats. I love wearing my mascara on the heavier side, so this gives me the look I love with minimal effort. The best part? It’s only $4.99!" — Samantha Corbett, Graphic Designer

"In terms of skin-care products, I've been on the hunt for two things: something that will give me extra-glowy skin (seriously, bring on the shine) and a mask that actually peels off easily (lately I've spent more time in the bathroom tediously peeling off said masks than the total time they took to dry). This duo from Le Métier de Beauté accomplished both feats at once and I've been a devoted user ever since. It's pricey, but the effects are actually noticeable and thus worth every penny." — Kristi Mikesky, Fashion & Beauty Editor

"I fought this for a long time, but thanks to a life-changing facial experience I'm now fully converted (and broke). The rich cream—created by an aerospace physicist—is one of the few products that calms my dry and overly-sensitive skin." — Nicky Deam, Editorial Director

"I'm obsessed with this new YSL eyeliner. It's a two-in-one so you can use the tip for a sleek cat eye, or the side to get a smoky effect." — Shannon Nash, Fashion & Beauty Editor

"I'm trying to be better about using natural products, and I found this Burt's Bees lotion and decided to give it a go. It's a spray-on, which I never would have thought mattered, but it's so easy and convenient, now I'll never go back!" — Sari Anne Tuschman, Editor-at-Large