Dr. Lancer’s New Book Reveals How To Get Flawless Skin

Dr. Lancer is a name you may not know, but around these parts, our team is obsessed with him! Aside from being dermatologist to the stars, Dr. Lancer’s Beverly Hills office is a haven for many RZ staffers where we go to rejuvenate our skin with treatments like the Vegan Stem Cell Facial. In his new book, Younger, Dr. Lancer reveals the secrets to getting radiant skin and how to keep it with his breakthrough anti-aging method. Younger dives into the common mistakes most people make when buying a moisturizer such as treating the wrong layer of skin (many products treat the dermis, the layer beneath the surface of the skin and not the stratum corneum, the outermost layer of the skin). The book is filled with insider tricks including why it’s important to exfoliate (helps to rejuvenate skin on a cellular level), recommendations for products at every budget (including Jergens Age Defying Multi-Vitamin Moisturizer) and the best foods for your skin (dark chocolate is good for your skin!).

Availability: Younger, $27

Dr. Lancer launched his skincare line, Lancer, in 2011 and it has quickly become a staple in many beauty cabinets all over the world. The girls in our styling studio swear by his moisturizers, claiming they are the best way to combat the effects of stress. Here are their favorite products:

Daily Moisturizer

Sheer SPF Shield

Vitamin C Cream

Night Treatment