DIY Blowout: Our Tips For The Fastest and Best Blow-Dry Ever

by Stephanie Montes

Don’t have time to make it to your favorite blow-dry bar but want perfectly straight locks? Follow our tips for getting the best blowout ever (care of DreamDry’s Little Black Box), and you’ll be rocking gorgeous, salon-worthy tresses in no time. (And if you happen to be in the Chicago area, stop by the new DreamDry location, opening December 4!)

Photo: Vanessa Jackman

Step 1

Gently pat post-shower hair with The Dream Turban to squeeze out all excess water. Follow by wrapping hair in the turban and secure with the attached elastic band. (Apply makeup while the turban does its thing.)

Step 2

Prep your locks by detangling hair with the easy-hold Dream Detangler brush. Starting just below the root, run the brush through your hair to ensure a knot-free blow-dry.

Step 3

After detangling, begin drying your hair with The Dream Dryer until it's about 75 percent dry. The powerful, yet quiet blow-dryer cuts drying time in half.

Step 4

Divide your hair into three sections (1 on the crown of your head and 2 on the sides) and pin them up and out of the way. One section at a time, blow-dry hair from root to end with a round brush.

Expert tip: Turn The Dream Dryer's ionic button on and blow-dry on medium heat for bouncy, full locks, or try turning it off and using maximum heat for a sleek, shiny look.

Step 5

Finish blow-drying each section and seal the look with a great finishing spray.