Customized Beauty Is Having A Major Moment


When it comes to a beauty regime, one size does not necessarily fit all. In the pursuit of the absolute best result, personalized products are our secret weapons of choice. From custom-blended foundations to ultra-targeted serums to perfumes tailor-made to complement your zodiac sign, we picked the following products just for you, literally.

Kiss The Guessing Game Good-Bye For Good

While many personalized makeup services require an in-person visit to a department store, Prescriptives offers those interested in custom-blend foundation an online option: After a 20-minute web-cam convo, a Beauty Genius whips up your individual formula and sends it your way. How smart is that?

Place your order at Prescriptives.com.

Mascara is probably the most cherished item in every girl's makeup bag, which is why it's extra heartbreaking when the formula you love comes with a wand that—for lack of a better word—stinks. Buxom's mascara guarantees you get exactly what you want by offering the option to customize your product with 1 of 7 different brushes.

Think of Dior's Elixir Précieux as a booster for your perfume. Each delicate oil (there are 4) is designed to take your signature fragrance to new heights. When layered with your scent, an entirely new one is created—uniquely for you.

Available in-store only.

Choose between 2 base creams (regenerate or protect) and 2 bio boost options (firming and tightening or anti-aging) and create an eye balm specifically for your precious peepers. See ya wrinkles.

Ever notice how prepackaged palettes always contain at least 1 shade you're not into? Get in touch with your inner artist with MAC's custom-building tool and create an eye-shadow palette that's all about you and your best hues.

Taking Skin Inc's skin-identity test is perhaps the biggest step you can take toward a flawless visage. Your results indicate which of the 84 possible serum combinations are right for you and your pretty mug.

Remember the mood lipstick of your youth? Meet its way chicer grown-up sibling, courtesy of Givenchy. The formula works with your individual PH to create a unique, subtle hue.

Each of these tiny sprays is blended in Venice, CA, specifically for your zodiac sign. What's your sign? No, what's your scent?

You tell the skincare experts at Jennifer Young your complexion concerns, and they concoct a single product or entire regimen that addresses your specific needs. Talk about simply beautiful.