The Craziest Skincare Ingredients Ever

by Stephanie Montes

Add this to the list of beauty ingredients we weren’t expecting: snail slime. Seriously—we’re talking about the guck left behind from a mollusk, which is apparently now something we should be working into our beauty regime. We’re generally willing to try anything and everything that promises to give us glowing skin, but lately our endeavors have been taking us to a place we could never have anticipated. Shop a few of our favorite beauty buys with the wackiest ingredients we have ever tried (or even heard of).

These products might sounds gross but the results are so good it's almost icky.

Ingredient: Fish Water

The name of this ingredient (Aquabeautine XL) is almost as bizarre as what it is: an enzyme that gets released in the water when salmon hatch. Bottled into this hand cream, it brightens, moisturizes and prevents hyperpigmentation, wrinkles and sagging skin.

Ingredient: Egg Whites

Women have been DIYing their own at-home egg masks for years because of the ingredient's brightening power and high amount of protein. The food is the main ingredient in this daily cleanser that purifies even the most clogged pores.

Ingredient: Royal Jelly

Get brighter, younger looking skin with this day cream infused with a highly nutritious "jelly" created by working bees for their queen to consume.

Ingredient: Snail Slime

Relieve dryness and soothe redness on even the most sensitive skin with this slime-infused gel mask. Reap the benefits without actually having to deal with a snail coming near your face. Phew.

Ingredient: Fish Eggs

Thanks to the caviar in this ultra-moisturizing overnight mask, you wake up with softer, firmer and plumped skin. Rest easy knowing fish eggs are hard at work to diminish signs of wrinkles. Keep calm and snooze on.