Coral Canyon

by The Zoe Report

If you try just one new beauty trend this season, we highly suggest it be the color coral. Impossible to resist, the under-the-sea hue is everywhere to be found right now, taking shape in soft powder—and cream!—blush, rich matte lipstick and sophisticated shadow, for starters. Intrigued? Mosey on over to see our roster of 10 Reef-colored Cosmetics.

Inspired by the orange-red lips on the models in Jason Wu’s spring runway show and the sunset-shaded kissers and cheeks on the Jen Kao catwalk, we carefully selected products that will help you imitate the look. Are you as giddy as we are over this pretty pigment? Explore our summer-perfect picks now, but proceed with caution—just one dabble into the color and you’ll see just how contagious coral can be.

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