35 Clever Beauty Products That’ll Make It Look Like A Professional Did Your Makeup

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by Sabrina Crews
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An on-call makeup artist to attend to your every whim: That’s the dream, right? Alas, for so many of us, it’s also a far cry from reality. No worries, though — as long as you’re stocked with these 35 clever beauty products from Amazon, it’ll look like a professional did your makeup anyway.

Applying makeup is one of those life skills that comes easier for some than others. Plenty of us were born to contour, highlight, and create flawless wings with barely effort involved. And then there are those of us, myself included, that still need all of the help we can get. Fortunately, Amazon’s rife with products that make it easy to master simple, DIY makeup hacks and tricker skills alike.

These 35 clever beauty products, for example, can turn even the most amateur makeup-doers into pros just like that. And with two-day Prime shipping, the products on this list can be yours just as quickly. From comprehensive brush sets to all-in-one makeup palettes, some of these products are staples that you’d find in any professional’s kit. Then, there are the really genius products — the hacks, if you will — like stamp-on eyeliner and magnetic lashes, which are there to help you cheat your way to pro-quality makeup status.

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A Stamp-On Eyeliner For A Perfect Cat Eye Every-time

The perfect winged cat-eye has historically required a ton of time, practice, and patience. With this clever winged eyeliner stamp, though, even amateurs can master the technique in a cinch. Use the curved end of this double-sided pen for stamping, and the other to line and connect the wing with your lid. Waterproof and smudge-proof — and available in variety of sizes — the stamp will ensure that your eye makeup doesn’t come off until you want it to.


These Finger Sponges That Are So Handy For Under-Eye Makeup

You can use these clever little finger puffs to apply all sorts of makeup, but with their small size and pointed tips, they’re especially handy for applying concealer and powder to your under-eye area. Made of a soft, gentle material, you can use these puffs with both cream and powder makeup. Keep them free of excess pigment with a little beauty sponge cleaner, and you should get quite a few uses out of each sponge.


An All-In-One Palette That Guides You Through Doing Your Makeup

Doesn’t matter if you’re an amateur or a master: This fold-out makeup palette is all you need to achieve a flawless and fully made-up face. Specifically designed for users to apply their makeup in less than five minutes (either at home or on-the-go), this clever kit includes a mirror and four-piece brush set that corresponds to the blushes, concealers, contours, highlighters, eyeshadows, and powder foundations inside the palette. The makeup is surprisingly high-quality, too, unlike so many other all-in-one palettes, and the neutral, versatile colors work for any (and every) occasion.

  • Available shades: 6


This Popular Putty Primer For The Perfect Base

e.l.f’s best-selling Poreless Putty Primer creates a super-smooth, even base for any makeup you put on top. It’s infused with the moisturizing ingredient squalane and creates that blurred, poreless effect that you typically only see on faces that have been made up professionally. With a whopping 15,000 five-star ratings on Amazon, this primer is a hit among customers for being so affordable, and such a time-saver. As one thrilled reviewer put it, “For the price point, I didn't anticipate how convenient and easy the application would be.”


Innovative Under-Eye Shields That Catch Eyeshadow Fallout

Once you try these disposable, self-adhesive under-eye shields, you won’t want to apply your eye makeup without them. These clever, half-moon shaped patches not only catch eyeshadow fallout, but also help create neat edges for flawless eyeshadow and impeccable cat eyes. You can also use them when applying eyelash extensions, tinting your lashes, or even perfecting your lipstick.


This Set Of 10 Makeup Brushes For A Flawless, Pro-Worthy Finish

This 10-piece makeup brush set is designed to cater to your every application need, be it contouring, sculpting, eye-lining, and more. The oval-shaped brushes are meant to complement the curves of your face and are packed with soft, synthetic bristles that won’t leave behind streaks. A favorite among professionals, it’s hard to believe this set of sleek, durable brushes cost less than $20 on Amazon.


A Handy Eraser Stick For Fixing Mistakes As You Work

None of us are immune to makeup mishaps, even those that strike at the most unexpected and inconvenient times. Thankfully, though, you have the ingenious Quick Flick Makeup Cleanser Eraser Pen to pull you through. Formulated with micellar water and designed to correct all types of makeup at home or on the go, this eraser works quickly and precisely without interfering with what you took the time to apply just right. It’s a $19 lifesaver that’s sure to become an indispensable addition to your makeup routine.


This 16-Piece Palette To Help You Go Pro With Your Brows

This all-inclusive brow kit promises to be your personal, portable brow bar. It includes step-by-step application instructions, six blendable brow colors, a highlighting powder, cream concealer, and setting wax. There are even expert tools the pros use, like a set of tweezers, stencils, a double-sided brow brush, and a spoolie. It includes enough colors to suit any brow color, too.


A Versatile Eyelash Comb That Separates, Lengthens, & Curls

Designed to complement and improve the performance of your mascara, this lash comb separates your lashes to give you a clump-free finish. Lightweight and easy to grip, the curved comb fits the contours of your eyes to glide evenly and effortlessly through your lashes. “This really lifts and separates my lashes wonderfully,” one of the comb’s 3,000-plus fans on Amazon raved. “It actually curls my lashes better than a standard lash curler, too.”


5 Pairs Of Magnetic Eyelashes That Look Just As Good As Extensions

This magnetic eyeliner and eyelash kit is an undeniable game-changer. Made of solid magnetic particles and quality synthetic fibers, the lashes are designed to go on easy and give you a bold-but-natural look that effectively frames your eyes. Simply apply up to three thick layers of the magnetic eyeliner to your upper lids, then, using the curved pair of tweezers included, adhere one of the five pairs of lashes — which come in varying degrees of thickness — to the liner after it dries. Adjust accordingly, and voila: you’ll have long, enviable lashes that could easily be mistaken for professionally applied extensions.


This Flake-Free Tubing Mascara That Celebs & Pros Swear By

This clever Japanese mascara relies on polymer tube technology to form water-resistant shields around each of your lashes — and uses beeswax to strengthen and solidify them — for a lengthy, flake-free finish. It washes off just as easily as it goes on, requiring nothing but water (the tubes quite literally slide off). The flexible, fine-bristled wand can also reach the tiny bottom lashes other mascaras can miss, ensuring a neat, even look that even a pro couldn’t top. A favorite of makeup artists, even celebs like Emma Watson swear by DHC’s mascara.


An All-In-One Palette For Pro-Level Color-Correcting

Stila’s Correct And Perfect All In One Color Correcting Palette uses color theory to neutralize various skin concerns, like lavender to balance out sallowness and green to counteract redness. In addition to the five lightweight, buildable creams in peach, pink, yellow, green, and orange, this palette also contains two translucent setting powders in yellow and lavender, as well as a mirror. The clever palette also comes with a handy how-to booklet that includes tips and tricks inspired by professional makeup artists. Before you know it, you’ll feel like one, too.


This 2-in-1 Foundation Serum For Radiant-Looking Skin

This brilliant serum/foundation hybrid from L’Oreal Paris is designed to give you a smooth, radiant, second-skin finish with literally no effort involved. It’s made with both hydrating ingredients and protective antioxidants, and it even has an SPF of 50 — meaning that this is really the only product you need on a day-to-day basis. A must-have for anyone looking to streamline their morning routine.

  • Available colors: 29


A Pro Trick To Take Your Eyebrows To The Next Level

Highlighting the brows, or more accurately, the brow bone, is a subtle makeup artist trick that makes a surprisingly big difference. This dual-sided highlighting pencil from Anastasia Beverly Hills is designed to do just that, but you can also use it to illuminate the inner corners of your eyes. With an enviable 4.7-star rating on Amazon, this clever little pencil is so effective, one of its 500+ fans on Amazon wrote, “Get two!” Each pencil is double-sided, with one shimmery color and one matte color that can be used together or separately.

  • Available colors: 2


This $5 Sponge Set Made For Amateurs & Pros Alike

Makeup sponges are a well-known makeup artist hack for applying flawless base makeup, and it’s not a very difficult technique to master. These colorful blending sponges work with every product in your cosmetic case — liquid foundations, powders, concealer, you name it. Cleverly shaped to mold to the different parts of your face — the flat side’s best for your cheeks and forehead, for instance, while the rounder side suits your neck — the sponges are both easy to use and and easy to clean. Best of all, you get three reusable, durable sponges for just $5 — that’s a value that truly can’t be beat.


A Creamy Liquid Highlighter At An Unbeatable Price

The Megaglo Liquid Highlighter from Wet n’ Wild is designed to give your skin a multi-dimensional glow, and it’s a surprisingly high-quality product considering its $5 price tag. Infused with murumuru seed butter, grapeseed oil, and vitamin E, these ingredients are what give the highlighter such a creamy feel and comfortable, natural-looking finish. It’s buildable too, so you can customize the intensity of your shimmer with the prowess of a pro. No need to spend $30+ on a highlighter when this one exists.


This Smoothing Primer For Marshmallow-Soft Skin

What can’t this best-selling primer from NYX do? With 10-in-one skin benefits, which include hydrating, soothing, evening out skin tone, adding a soft-focus finish, and keeping your makeup looking fresh all day long, this vegan and dermatologist-tested primer is infused with marshmallow root extract to make your skin look (and feel) bouncy and smooth. Just apply a dime-sized amount to clean skin before you apply your foundation to reap its myriad benefits.


An Angled Eyeliner Brush To Master Details Like A Pro

A staple in the kits of professional makeup artists, this angled eyeliner brush is ideal for mastering highly detailed eye makeup techniques. Its tiny, synthetic bristles help you create the finest, straightest lines in the most challenging areas of your eyes, while delivering a smooth finish every time. Fans on Amazon especially appreciate the brush for its value and sturdiness. “I’m able to control the brush easily,” one thrilled shopper explained. “The quality is great for the price, too!”


This Cult-Favorite Mist To Give Your Makeup A Dewy Finish

Made with only three ingredients, this popular facial mist from Heritage Store aims to sooth and refresh your skin to give you a brighter, dewier complexion. The vegetable glycerin locks in moisture, while the damask rose oil softens and soothes. Apply the mist after doing your makeup to set it — just like the pros do — and use it throughout the day as a refresher.


A Creamy Contouring Palette With 6 Versatile Shades

This contouring and highlighting kit is all you need to do your makeup like a pro. With six refillable and removable creams designed to highlight, define, and sculpt skin of varying tones, this portable, mirrored palette comes with step-by-step instructions and face diagrams for you to master the art of contouring in no time.


This Luminous Blush That’s Infused With Primer

Fit for a diverse range of skin tones and available in six tropical colors, this next-level blush is infused with primer to give it a silky finish and long-lasting effect. It’s also made with hyaluronic acid to offer your skin hydration, and this unique formulation makes this blush easier than most to blend without streaking — so you can apply it like a pro even if you don’t have the most advanced blush skills.

  • Available colors: 6


A Matte Liquid Lipstick That Lasts All Day Long

This matte liquid lipstick is made with nourishing ingredients like jojoba oil and vitamin E, so while it’s just as long lasting, it’s not as drying as most other liquid lipsticks on the market. Using a liquid formula is the makeup artist secret to budge-proof lipstick that lasts all night long, so if you haven’t yet invested in a good one yet — or simply can’t have enough — it’s worth stocking up on a couple of tubes from Black-owned brand The Lip Bar.

  • Available colors: 5


This Long-Lasting Setting Spray That Was Made To Withstand Weddings

Using clever, “temperature control technology” to prevent melting or sliding, this pro-grade finishing spray was designed to withstand weddings — aka, it can stand up to sweating, crying, and hours spent dancing — so you can trust that while wearing this spray, your makeup truly will not budge. The waterproof spray can be used both over and under makeup, or throughout the day for touchups.


A Next-Level Brush For Blending Your Foundation

Made of compact, domed bristles for blending and buffing, this clever makeup brush works with cream, liquid, and powder foundation to create a flawless, even finish. It’s also handleless to allow for more controlled blending that yields long-lasting results. Lightweight, easy-to-use, and cruelty free, this brush is an absolute must-have to get you blending like a pro.


This Conditioning Lipstick Primer That Prevents Bleeding & Feathering

The trick to smooth, long-lasting lipstick without compromising its texture? Elizabeth Arden’s Advanced Lip-Fix Cream, which makes your lips super smooth and soft, but not glossy or sticky like some lip balms can. This unique lip cream also helps prevent bleeding and feathering, making this a must-have for anyone who wears lipstick regularly.


A Long-Lasting Eyeshadow Primer With A Cult-Like Following

Specifically designed for oily lids, this best-selling eyeshadow primer locks in eyeshadow and enhances its color for a smooth finish and extended wear time (it also renders touch-ups irrelevant). This under-$15 product is extremely popular, with over 20,000 five-star ratings/reviews and number-one best-seller status on Amazon.


This Silky, Loose Setting Powder For A Soft-Focus Finish

If you’re striving for stay-all-day makeup, try this silky, loose-setting powder. Designed for darker skin tones, this clever setting powder blends effortlessly and prevents flashback in photos. Apply it with a powder brush or the included powder sponge for a super-smooth, demi-matte finish.

  • Available colors: 4


A 2-Piece Brow Kit For Feathery, On-Trend Soap Brows

Soap brows are everywhere, and with this clever little eyebrow soap kit, they couldn’t be easier to master. For just $8, you’ll receive two of these slide-to-open brow kits, which come with two spoolie brushes and a brow-shaping soap. The technique will give you fluffy, natural-looking brows just like you see the professional do on Instagram — and it involves barely any effort.


This 2-in-1 Mascara & Primer For Lengthier, More Voluminous Lashes

This clever, double-sided tube is a mascara and lash primer in one. Made with jojoba esters to help moisturize and condition your lashes and tree-free packaging, the cult-favorite, award-winning duo is designed to give your lashes long-lasting definition and lift. Use the lash primer first to create an even base, wait 30 seconds, and then apply the buildable, clump-free mascara to achieve your ideal length.


A 10-Piece Set Of Painter’s Brushes For Detailed Eyeliner Work

Pros swear by painter’s brushes, like the ones in this 10-piece brush set, because they allow for precise application when attempting detailed techniques. Each of these 10 brushes comes with a wooden, easy-to-grip handle and a clever protective tube to ensure cleanliness between uses. If you’re into nail art, you might even consider snagging a second set for your DIY manicures. Either way, this is an easy, $17 upgrade that’ll make your brush game pro-grade.


This Brow Pen & Brush Duo For Feathery, Natural-Looking Results

For soft, bushy brows championed by renowned makeup professionals like Katie Jane Hughes, you can’t go wrong with this two-in-one brow pen and brush. You can use both ends of the product separately or together, whether you’re attempting fluffy, bush brows or defined arches.

  • Available colors: 6


A Foolproof Lip Tint With A Velvety-Soft Finish

This best-selling lip tint goes on smooth — just like velvet — without feeling clumpy or sticky, or looking watery. You can apply it two ways: with the pointed applicator for a more defined look, or with your fingers to blur it out a bit. This also doubles as a nice blush, whether you mix it in with a drop of moisturizer or apply it directly onto freshly moisturized skin.

  • Available colors: 17


These No-Crease Clips To Pull Your Hair Back As You Do Your Makeup

If you see any professional makeup artist doing a client’s makeup, chances are they’ve got their hair pulled back with clips like these. They have no teeth, so they won’t leave creases in your hair, and they’re also handy for bangs. You’ll get a back of eight clips for just $6, making this a no-brainer buy for anyone with hair.

  • Available colors: 4


The Real MVP When It Comes To Flawless Makeup

Any beauty expert worth their salt knows that the true key to flawless makeup is the lighting. So bring the natural light with you everywhere you go with this travel-friendly, light-up makeup mirror. It folds down into the size of a small tablet and has three different (and dimmable) lighting modes: white, warm, and natural. It’s powered by a USB cord, which comes included with your order, so you never have to deal with changing the batteries. This gift-worthy mirror is also handy for Zoom calls and selfies.


This Lipstick Eraser To Clean Up Smudging Throughout The Day

“This eraser is amazing and does exactly what it’s supposed to do,” one fan — and there are over 2,000 and counting — of Maybelline New York’s SuperStay Eraser Lip Color Remover wrote on Amazon. And what it’s supposed to do is gently and instantly remove your long-lasting lip color, no scrubbing required. To remove all of your lipstick, simply apply the stick to your lips, rub your lips together, and wipe with a tissue. Or, use this to remove smudges as you’re doing your lipstick. Either way, it’s bound to come in handy.

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