40 Cheap Beauty Products Skyrocketing In Popularity On Amazon

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Amazon is home to hundreds of beauty products that have, at some point or another, gone viral on social media. And at this very moment, there are a few dozen that all the self-professed beauty aficionados out there should be adding to their carts. In this article, you’ll find 40 of the best and cheapest beauty products that are skyrocketing in popularity on Amazon right now. Act quickly before they sell out fast — you’d hate to miss out on that cult Japanese sunscreen that’s finally back in stock (perhaps for a limited time only), or that award-winning mascara you’ve been seeing all over Instagram.

The best thing about these products is that they’re all super affordable. In fact, the most expensive item on this list costs $30, though almost everything else rings up at under $20 (and there are plenty in the single digits, as well). From cult-favorite skin care to makeup and hair tools, all of these products work really well, hence why they’ve become so popular with Amazon shoppers, beauty bloggers, and The Zoe Report’s very own editors.

To discover the most popular and effective beauty products for less than $30 on Amazon, keep scrolling — you’ll want to snag these best-sellers quickly before the rest of the world catches on.


A Lip Exfoliator In The Form Of A Balm

Lip exfoliators are the key to smooth, soft lips (and in turn, flawless lipstick application), but they can often be messy to use. Revlon takes the fuss out of scrubbing your lips with their lip exfoliator that’s applied just like a balm. Made with sugar crystals to remove flaky skin and a blend of moisturizing oils, this is an under-$3 purchase that everyone should make.


An Alcohol-Free Dry Shampoo In A Non-Aerosol Bottle

Love dry shampoo, but hate the aerosol vehicle? Then you need this best-selling dry shampoo powder from Hair Dance, which has garnered over 5,000 perfect five-star ratings thus far. It’s made without propellants and alcohol, and instead, comprises just five ingredients: rice starch, colloidal oatmeal, silica, lavender oil, and olive leaf, which work together to absorb excess oil and soothe your scalp at the same time. The addition of lavender leaves behind a subtle, herbal scent, though it does come in a grapefruit-scented version, too.


The Lighter Version Of Weleda’s Cult-Classic, Ultra-Rich Moisturizer

Weleda’s iconic Skin Food moisturizer is the definition of a cult classic, and its following is unrivaled (seriously, even Victoria Beckham is a fan). Still, despite its devoted following, some people find the formula too thick — which is where the brand’s light version of Skin Food comes in. It works identically to the original, richer version, i.e., it can be used as an all-over moisturizer, as a lip mask, as a shimmer-free highlighter, or as a spot treatment on particularly rough patches, but it’s a lot lighter weight. Also like the original formula, it’s been certified natural by NATRUE.


A Blackhead Scrub That’s As Effective As It Is Fun

Not only is this blackhead scrub from K-beauty brand TONYMOLY effective at clearing up congested pores (just ask the 3,000+ Amazon shoppers who swear by it), but it’s also cheap, fun to use, and adorably packaged. Since the scrub comes in the form of a solid stick and it’s so small, it’s a great exfoliator to bring with you when you travel.


A Glow-Boosting Serum That’s Certified Organic

A nutrient-rich, antioxidant-packed serum for less than $20? No wonder thousands of Amazon reviewers are obsessed with ACURE’s Brightening Glowing Serum. The formula is akin to an oil, so it provides an immediate, dewy glow as well as long-term brightening and skin-protecting benefits. The formula is USDA-certified organic, too.


These Cream-To-Powder Eyeshadow Sticks That Are So Easy To Use

These popular eyeshadow sticks from Julep have a unique, cream-to-powder formula, making them a breeze to apply. Though they go on creamy and smooth, they settle down into a velvety powder that stays on all day (or night) long. The stick applicator makes for even more foolproof application, and the eyeshadow comes in 16 gorgeous colors, from olive green to several gold and champagne shades that could easily double as highlighter.

  • Available shades: 16


A Glycolic Acid Exfoliator That Makes Your Skin Soft, Clear, & Smooth

Glycolic acid is an amazing ingredient for promoting smooth skin that looks and feels more even, and this glycolic acid gel makes incorporating the ingredient into your routine a pure delight. Also made with other good-for-skin ingredients like green tea, chamomile, aloe, and hyaluronic acid (all soothing and hydrating to help balance out the glycolic acid), this gel can be applied in lieu of serum, after cleanser and before moisturizer.


The Ideal Moisturizer For Dry, Sensitive Skin

Vanicream’s products are typically the best choice for people with sensitive skin, and the latest addition to their lineup — their daily face moisturizer — is no exception. The simple formula is rich in hydrating hyaluronic acid and ceramides, which help reinforce a strong protective barrier in your skin. Like with all Vanicream products, you won’t find any common irritants in this formula, so it’s safe for people with skin conditions like eczema, and allergies.


The Detangling Brush That Glides Through Knots Painlessly

Make painful brushing sessions a thing of the past with the best-selling Crave Naturals detangling brush. With an impressive 30,000+ five-star ratings and thousands of rave reviews, it’s one of the most popular hair brushes on Amazon. Great for curly, knot-prone hair, it’s both more effective and a lot less uncomfortable than using a traditional brush. You can use it on both wet and dry hair, too.


A Derm-Favorite Acne Wash For Your Body & Face

Derms love to recommend PanOxyl’s foaming cleanser to their patients with face and body acne; it can be used as both a face and body wash, though note that 10% benzoyl peroxide (the key medicated ingredient in the formula) is quite high, so it’s better as a body wash, unless you’ve been using a lower percentage of BP on your face for a while and think your skin can handle it. In any case, it’s one of the most popular and affective acne cleansers out there, with over 15,000 five-star Amazon ratings and counting.


A Plumping Lipstick With The Precision Of A Lip Liner

Get plump, defined, and perfectly filled-in lips all at once with this precision-tip lipstick from NYX. The lipstick itself is created with a “plumping complex,” as the brand calls it, to promote fuller-looking lips, and it even comes with a built-in sharpener to keep the tip nice and pointy. It leaves behind a matte finish and comes in 12 pretty, natural colors. A solid addition to any makeup bag.

  • Available shades: 12


A Multipurpose Jojoba Oil For Your Hair, Skin, & Nails

Jojoba oil is one of the best things you can put on your skin (and hair, and nails), and somehow, this bottle of 100% pure, certified-organic jojoba oil costs just $10 on Amazon. No wonder over 6,000 Amazon shoppers awarded it a five-star rating or review after purchasing it.


An Award-Winning Mascara (With A Built-In Primer)

Honest Beauty’s two-in-one mascara/primer has won all sorts of awards, making it popular not only among consumers, but among beauty experts, too. On one side is a lash primer and on the other is a jet-black mascara, which work in tandem to give you long, fluffy, clump-free lashes that last all day long without flaking. The formula is even infused with glycerin and jojoba esters to nourish your lashes, and it’s safe for people with sensitive eyes, as well.


The Perfect Serum For Just About Any Skin Type

This serum contains all the superstar ingredients you could want in a single product: niacinamide, zinc, hyaluronic acid, and vitamin E — so you’re getting antioxidants, hydration, and vitamins in just one pump. The zinc in here helps soak up excess shine, while the hyaluronic acid provides lightweight, non-greasy moisture, so this is an amazing serum for just about any skin type. Not only is Naturium one of the most popular new skin care brands out there right now, but this serum appears to be their most popular product, with over 6,000 five-star Amazon ratings and counting.


A Set Of 6 Certified-Organic Lip Balms In Assorted Flavors

Get not one, not two, but six organic lip balms for just $8 with this multipack from Cliganic. Each box contains six different “flavors”: coconut, citrus, vanilla, beeswax (unscented), and two types of mint. Each balm is made of 100% naturally derived ingredients that have been certified organic by the USDA, and the brand is cruelty-free as well. You’ll be stocked for literally ages, or you can give a few out to friends.


The Perfect Daily Moisturizer For Most People

An amazing daily moisturizer for any skin type, La Roche-Posay Double Repair face cream is loaded with nourishing, strengthening, and soothing ingredients like glycerin, ceramides, niacinamide, and the brand’s own thermal spring water. The lightweight formula is free of fragrance and oil, so all together, it’s an excellent choice for dry skin, sensitive skin, acne-prone skin — you name it. Over 15,000 Amazon shoppers have caught on and count themselves fans.


A Leave-In Conditioner That Makes Your Hair Feel Like Silk

Get silky soft hair with just a few spritzes of BioSilk’s leave-in conditioner. It does everything you could want from a single hair product: conditions and hydrates, softens split ends, detangles knots, enhances shine, adds thermal protection... you get the idea. Pick up a bottle of this miracle liquid stat and see what all the hype is about for yourself.


A Best-Selling Mascara & Eye Liner Duo

Get the two most fundamental products you need for flawless, dramatic eye makeup with this two-piece kit from L’Oreal. Included is the brand’s best-selling Voluminous Original mascara (a favorite of pro makeup artists and celebs) and a creamy, long-lasting, waterproof eye pencil, both in jet black. For less than $15, what’s not to love?


A Satisfyingly Sudsy Cleanser Made With Hyaluronic Acid

A lot of foaming cleansers can leave your skin feeling dry, but this one, from Japanese beauty brand Hada Labo, is packed with hydrating hyaluronic acid, making it a rare exception to the rule. It’s free of fragrance, alcohol, and oil, so it’s a safe choice for sensitive and acne-prone skin. Pro tip: This cleanser makes an excellent second step in a double-cleansing routine.


A 14-Piece Makeup Brush Set For Less Than $15

It’s no surprise that this makeup brush set has garnered well over 60,000 five-star Amazon ratings: The brushes are ultra soft, defy shedding, come spangled in gorgeous rose-gold hardware, and all 14 of them ring up at under $15. This set comes with every brush you’ll need to create any makeup look you want, from a big, fluffy bronzer blush to several precision eyeliner brushes.


The French Cleansing Oil For Super-Soft Skin Head To Toe

If your skin feels tight, dry, and itchy at the mere thought of typical body washes, you’ll really love this Bioderma cleansing oil. Trusted by dermatologists for decades, the French pharmacy classic is made with a patented complex that works to restore and protect the delicate skin barrier — rather than strip it dry, as traditional soaps can — and keep it moisturized for a full 24 hours, all while washing away oil, impurities, and daily grime. You can use it on your face, too, either as a makeup remover or a gentle daily cleanser.


A Matte Liquid Lipstick That Stays On ‘Til You Take It Off

Maybelline SuperStay Matte Liquid Lipstick has pretty much always skyrocketed in popularity; but with The Great Lipstick Comeback of 2021, it’s arguably more popular now than it ever was. The opacity and staying power is unparalleled, even when faced with salad dressing, burgers, multiple cups of coffee, and other food and drink that would threaten to destroy it. But it doesn’t feel like it’s vacuum sealed onto your lips — in fact, it’s surprisingly lightweight and flexible. Coupled with its 45 shade options and under-$10 price tag, it’s obvious why this lipstick has earned itself hall-of-fame status (and why you should get at least two tubes right now).

  • Available shades: 45


A Rinse-Off Mask Made With Exfoliating & Brightening Rice

Rice has been a core ingredient in East Asian beauty rituals for centuries due to its myriad skin benefits, which include hydrating, brightening, softening, smoothing, and calming — all of which this Korean rice mask does in spades, thanks to its concentrations of 20% rice bran water and 5% rice bran powder. “After the first application, my skin felt soft and was less red,” confirmed one Amazon reviewer. “[...] By the 3rd application (I use it every other day) my skin was totally smooth and my pores look smaller than ever.” Before you rinse it off, be sure to massage it into your skin to benefit from the rice powder’s physical exfoliating effects.


A Fan-Favorite Cleansing Brush That Supercharges Your Skin Care Routine

This dual-speed cleansing brush provides a more effective cleansing experience than your plain old fingers can offer, since the rotating head gently massages the product deeper into your pores. Click the speed button again, and the brush will rotate faster to exfoliate. This feels especially satisfying to thoroughly clear away lots of makeup, but everyone (even those with sensitive skin) can benefit from the brightening and rejuvenating effects you get from this handy tool.


These Shimmery Gold Eye Patches That Instantly Awaken Tired Eyes

Cheat a full eight-plus hours of sleep (even if you got way less than that) with these golden, glittery eye masks from indie brand grace & stella. The cushy gel patches are suffused with collagen, hyaluronic acid, and vitamin C to instantly perk up tired, puffy eyes and infuse the delicate under-eye area with much-needed hydration. Pop them in the fridge to supercharge their de-puffing effects.


A Classic Drugstore Moisturizer Made With Skin-Quenching Hyaluronic Acid

A thirst-quenching treat for dehydrated skin, this Neutrogena moisturizer is powered by hyaluronic acid to draw moisture into the skin, while the gel-like texture absorbs quickly without leaving behind a perceptible residue. People with all skin types rave about this cult-classic moisturizer for leaving their skin supple, soft, and comfortable all day long.


This Gentle Mineral Sunscreen With A Skin-Blurring Tint

The rare mineral sunscreen that doesn’t leave behind a white cast on darker skin tones, this Australian Gold sunscreen has a subtle tint that blends seamlessly into deeper complexions, creating a smooth, soft-focus finish. Meanwhile, botanical extracts rich in antioxidants, like kakadu plum, eucalyptus, and red algae, offer plenty of protective and brightening benefits. This is a great choice for sensitive skin, too, since it’s free of potential irritants like chemical sun blockers and synthetic fragrance.


A Unique Gel Oil That Does So Many Great Things For Your Skin

This unique CeraVe product lies somewhere along the gel/oil/serum spectrum, which means it can perform in lieu of all those things — an impressive showing for such a humble price point. In here, the brand’s signature blend of time-released ceramides works to fortify the skin barrier, while sunflower oil nourishes dry skin. You’ll see a noticeable difference in your skin’s firmness, softness, and overall radiance, and the gel-like consistency dries down instantly — all of which makes this an excellent makeup primer in addition to a solid addition to your nightly routine. Don’t forget to smooth this over your neck, decolletage, and backs of your hands, too.


These Mini Facial Razors With Over 125,000 Ratings — & Counting

With over 125,000 ratings and a 4.6-star rating overall, these little facial razors are among the most perennially popular skin care tools on Amazon (and, by extension, in the world). They come in handy for so many things, including shaping your eyebrows, getting rid of unwanted peach fuzz and facial hair, and dermaplaning, an exfoliating method that leaves your skin ridiculously soft. At just $5 a pack, why not try them for yourself?


These Press-On Gel Nails That Actually Look Real

Press-on nails are pretty hit or miss, but trust us (and over 2,000 Amazon shoppers who left a five-star rating or review): these fake gel nails from KISS are good. They’re made to feel lightweight and comfortable, and they fit nice and slim — not clunky — giving them a natural look. They don’t require glue or drying time, either — literally just peel off the backing, stick them on, and go. Choose from a 31-shade range that runs the gamut from neutrals to darks to brights to pastels.

  • Available shades: 31


A Potent Korean Hair Treatment That Sells Out Constantly

This Elizavecca hair treatment sells out constantly, so we’d recommend scooping one up ASAP. Reviewers swear by it for restoring (or straight-up saving) their hair from extreme damage, but really, anyone with hair can benefit from its smoothing and softening effects, thanks to a potent blend of ceramides and proteins in the formula.


This Essential Salve For Severely Dry, Chapped Skin

Eucerin may not be the most glamorous beauty brand, but it’s definitely one of the most hardworking. Made with colloidal oatmeal, ceramides, and calming licorice root extract, this Eczema Relief Cream is essential for soothing eczema flare-ups, though it’s beneficial for any kind of dry, chapped, or irritated skin. This formula is on the thicker, richer side, so just a drop is treatment enough — meaning you can stretch this $8 bottle for months, if not a year.


A Cute Headband That’ll Make You Look Forward To Washing Your Face

You have to wash your face every day, so you might as well make the experience a little cuter with this black cat-ear headband. Not a cat person? Perhaps you’re a bear person or unicorn person instead — there’s a divinely plush, satisfyingly stretchy headband for you, too, complete with the appropriate ears (or horn). Make sure to hand wash and air dry it every so often to keep it clean.


This Cult-Favorite Korean Lipstick With A Soft, Velvety Finish

This Peripera lipstick is one of countless Korean beauty products that’ve seen a recent surge in popularity Stateside. A single coat of this feather-light pigment creates a soft, blurred finish, though you can easily build it up for a more intense effect. This bullet format comes in three pretty shades; but if you’re curious about what else the buzzy brand has to offer, consider their equally popular Lip Tints, which are available in more colors on the same page.

  • Available shades: 3


A Foolproof Way To Achieve Beachy Waves

Create mermaid-like waves in a (literal) cinch with this Bed Head hair waver. It requires almost zero technique: Just clamp a section of your hair between the barrels starting at the roots, then work your way down to the tips. Along the way, the tourmaline ceramic plates help keep unwanted frizz at bay and leave your hair looking extra-shiny, while three temperature settings let you adjust the heat depending on your hair type and thickness.


This Lighweight Microfiber Towel That Dries Your Hair *So* Quickly

If you have medium-to-long hair, you should have a microfiber hair towel. Not only does it dry your hair significantly faster than traditional terry cotton, but the ultra-soft material is much less abrasive — crucial for maintaining the strength of all hair types, but particularly for damaged or color-treated hair. This one is conveniently turban-shaped and has a button at the back to secure the tail, so it won’t slide around on your head. It’s super lightweight, too, so it won’t strain your neck. Take your pick among eight cute colors.


A Set Of 6 Shower Steamers Infused With Aromatherapeutic Scents

Pop one of these shower steamers on the shelf or floor of your shower, and the steam will release their aromatherapeutic fragrances, like lavender, which helps you unwind before bed; menthol and eucalyptus to relieve sore muscles after a workout; and grapefruit for an invigorating morning shower. These six jewel-like steamers are packaged in a cute box, so this would make a wonderful gift — either to yourself or someone else.


This Set Of 20 Gel Nail Polishes For The Price Of A Single Salon Manicure

For $28, this order from Beetles comes with 20 bottles of gel nail polish, a base coat, and two top coats — one matte, one glossy — so you’re essentially getting several months’ (if not years’) worth of salon manicures in a single purchase (but note that you’ll have to buy an LED/UV light separately). “The colors are vivid and long lasting,” wrote one Amazon reviewer. “It’s truly amazing how cheap this product is considering it works better than higher end brands.” Take your pick among five 20-piece color collections, including the chic neutrals and muted pastels pictured above.

  • Available sets: 5


A Vitamin-Packed Body Oil That Shoppers Have Loved For Decades

As far as body oils go, it doesn’t get much more classic than Bio-Oil. For decades, shoppers have turned to this iconic peach bottle for neck-to-toe hydration, though it’s perhaps most beloved for its ability to fade unwanted scarring, thanks to a potent blend of vitamins that encourage collagen production and increase skin’s elasticity. Haven’t yet tried it for yourself? Just $9 will make you a believer.


This Elegant Eye Serum From A Classic French Brand

Who doesn’t love a cheap beauty product that only seems expensive? This surprisingly affordable serum contains an elegant combination of caffeine, hyaluronic acid, and the brand’s own volcanic water to gently hydrate, smooth, brighten your under-eye area. “The texture is pleasant — lightweight and creamy,” wrote one Amazon reviewer, while another loves how smoothly their makeup glides on over it.

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