The Sneaky Trick For Fighting Sugar Cravings

Olivia Munn has always been adamant about the fact that she loves natural antiaging and other general health-sustaining remedies. At the age of 36, she manages to look like she’s still in her 20s, and it’s not due to trendy cosmetic procedures. The actress has sworn by Japanese sweet potatoes for years and credits them for keeping wrinkles away due to their rich amounts of hyaluronic acid. Well, now Olivia has yet another trick up her sleeve for keeping her body on track, particularly when it comes to sugar and carb cravings.

She shared that she keeps beef jerky with her to help pack up on protein, rather than ingesting a ton of sugar and carbs (which can wreak havoc on the skin). For those of us trying to cut down on both and attempting to adopt more healthy eating habits, beef jerky could likely kickstart a new meal plan. It’s a perfect snack for stashing in your bag or your car while managing a busy schedule. Now that’s not to say that nailing down a detailed skincare routine and exercising regularly is to be ignored for a youthful glow, but Olivia’s beef jerky tip certainly might help.