Why You Shouldn’t Try Kate Middleton’s Buzzed-About Skin Trick

Getty Images

There’s no denying the Duchess of Cambridge’s flawless complexion, so anytime we hear of a tip that might give her that enviable glow, we’re so down to try it—particularly if it’s something that won’t blow our monthly beauty budget in one fell swoop. So when skin guru Deborah Mitchell recently hit up British talk show The Morning to feature “royal beauty hacks” and touted the benefits of Nutella (yes, that chocolate spread you could eat an entire jar of) for soft, smooth, and hydrated skin, we immediately filled our digital grocery carts with a case of the stuff. Until, that is, we learned from The Daily Mail that a spokesperson from Kensington Palace denied that Mitchell has ever treated Kate. To be fair, the skincare specialist never exactly named names, but with constant hinting that seemed to point to the brunette beauty as a potential client, she sure had us convinced. And we’re not the only ones: Beauty outlets all over have run with the story of Mitchell’s DIY Nutella mask (which also contains sugar and lip balm). Personally, we’ll stick to putting the spread on our toast for now—thank you very much.