How Cindy Crawford Does Her Makeup In Just 3 Minutes

Few women in the world have achieved the kind of beauty that radiates from a certain Cindy Crawford. Throughout her decades-long modeling career, the runway pro has managed to age gracefully, even launching her very own Meaningful Beauty brand that essentially serves as a testament to her perpetual glow. So obviously we can’t deny our curiosity each time Cindy speaks up about her beauty routine—especially when she’s sharing advice that helps minimize the amount of time we spend staring into the mirror every morning.

In a recent interview with Harper’s Bazaar, the supermodel explains how she got her makeup regimen down to just three minutes. Sure, it helps that she’s got an insanely gorgeous canvas of a face—thanks to microdermabrasion treatments by facialist Cristina Radu for the last 15 years—but according to Cindy, all you need to do is start with SPF and an antioxidant base. (She applies her line’s day cream.) Then she moves on to foundation, a dab of concealer and a brush of powder. She also combs her eyebrows and finishes with a little eye shadow, mascara, blush and lip gloss. The result? “It’s a nude, natural look. As I’ve gotten older, I wear less makeup because my skin looks good, so I’m not trying to hide it,” Cindy says. “I believe that as women, we are more confident in every area of our lives when we feel like we look good.”