Celeb-Approved Red-Carpet Beauty Treatments You Can Do At Home

by Stephanie Montes

It’s red-carpet season in LA, which means everyone from film stars to TV actors to musicians are booking appointments to ensure they’re looking picture-perfect for their upcoming appearances. Feeling a bit envious (or even better, inspired)? Take matters into your own hands with these 8 at-home treatments that’ll make your complexion glow and whip your body into shape without forking over the big bucks. Treat yourself, and you can feel as confident as an A-lister when you get snapped by the paparazzi—even if it is by mistake.

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Bring Your A Game

Olivia Wilde is red-carpet perfection at the Golden Globes.

Lose The Bloat

Celebs are willing to try anything to de-puff out before squeezing into designer gowns—saunas, body wraps, cryotherapy (sitting in a freezing room). Instead of shelling out for services, try this cocktail of amino acids, caffeine and marine algae. Massage the blend anywhere you're feeling bloated to alleviate water retention.

Get A Temporary Face-Lift

Rejuvenating microcurrent facials are all the rage in Hollywood because they make your skin look firmer and younger in no time. Lucky for you, there's a device that does the same thing in the comfort of your own home.

Give Your Skin A Glow

A-listers are no strangers to a faux-tan session. If a stranger spraying you down isn't your cup of tea, you can still get that celeb-worthy glow by investing in a home self-tanning machine. The results look just as good, and it's obviously a much better option than soaking up harmful UV rays.

Perfect Your Complexion

Oxygen treatments hydrate and plump skin and impart a healthy glow—which looks great on camera. Get the same results with a carbonated face mask.

Whiten Your Pretty Smile

Celebs are constantly smiling for photographs so their teeth need to look perfect. Instead of keeping up with pricey whitening sessions at your dentist's office, invest in a device that allows you to do it at home on your own time.

Make Your Legs Look And Feel Smooth

Celebrities swear by laser hair removal but repeated appointments can get expensive. An at-home hair removal laser achieves the same results. Disclaimer: The stinging further proves that pain really is beauty.

Lose The Cellulite

Body wraps are popular for shedding inches and smoothing cellulite. This device stimulates circulation in arms and legs, which results in even skin and less puff.

Even Your Skin Tone

Microdermabrasion is a longtime A-list favorite because it removes dead skin cells and leaves you with a fresh glow. This at-home microderm device gives you the same results for a fraction of the price.

Originally published in 2016