This All-In-One Face Palette Was Designed To Make Golden Hour Last 24/7

All killer, no filler.

Caliray Endless Sunset Face Palette
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Beauty fans can be bisected into two distinct groups: those with a carefully-curated makeup bag, and those with drawers stuffed full of products (and they’re probably IKEA Alix drawers, too.) But even more-is-more-maximalists might consider reform when the introduction of Caliray’s Endless Sunset Face Palette. A lightweight, summery, does-it-all compact, it could make the other powders and palettes crowding your beauty space feel a bit obsolete — and that’s exactly how brand founder Wende Zomnir designed it.

You can’t get much more pedigreed than Zomnir, either. As the original mastermind by Urban Decay’s now-legendary NAKED Palette, she’s more than experience in developing an all-in-one product with mass appeal. The Endless Sunset collection, though, might be her best collection of colors yet yet. Housed in a chic, feather-light bamboo case, its seven distinct talc-free powders — split between shimmer and matte finishes — can be used in seemingly infinite combinations: glistening pink shade Ring Light, for example, is just as fetching as a wash of eyeshadow color as it is stretched across the cheekbones. That careful selection found in the Caliray compact is partially thanks to Zomnir’s experience helming Urban Decay and developing the NAKED Palette. “One thing that I never managed to do was to create a palette that I didn’t have to supplement with other singles or an additional palette, and Endless Sunset is my attempt to create a palette that you don’t have to think about,” she tells TZR.

Courtesy of Caliray

It took some serious editing to develop spring and summer’s ultimate palette. Zomnir shares that she first started with a large z-palette filled with different shadows, using a process of elimination technique to develop her overall vision which primarily focused on “daydreamy, day-to-date looks” she wanted to create with the colors. It took some strategizing, too, like Zomnir’s idea to introduce shades that work on different areas of the face, can be used we or dry, and tonally complement one another to make buildable intensity possible. “This palette isn’t going to take you to extreme glam, but it is going to get you through most any life moment,” she explains. “I could wear it to the beach, then intensify it for a night out.”

If you’ve spent any time on TikTok lately, you might be familiar with the latest trend of so-called “deinfluencing”, a name given to videos helping viewers weed through what beauty products are pure hype and which are actually worth it. The Caliray palette fits right in with the refreshing pivot. Because Zomnir focused on such a tight selection of shades and sustainable packaging, waste is minimal. “I’ve seen lots of pictures of well-loved palettes and always made a mental note of the shades that people hit pan on first,” she says, which helped her with the initial selection process. “I also realized that no one would go through all of their shadows at the same rate, no matter how well-curated it might be.” Her solution was to make the colors fully refillable, eliminating the need to buy a whole new palette for the sake of one or two favorite shades.

With spring here and a warm, fun-filled summer just around the corner, consider the new launch your TSA-approved travel bestie — or just a loyal, at-home favorite. “I wanted to create a palette that left you looking like you’re basking in golden hour light at sunset,” Zomnir says, meaning you can bring that beachy glow right to you, any time of day or night.