Winter Wonder

by The Zoe Report

While the winter season is always a fabulous time for fashion—hello faux fur outerwear, chunky knits and shearling accessories!—it is not such a glam moment for our skin. I don’t know about you guys, but harsh cold weather leaves my face dry, dull and desperate for some TLC. To combat this dermis crisis, I turn to Bulgari’s Source Defense Cream—it is a true miracle worker for my skin!

The latest in innovative skincare from Bulgari, this face-saving moisturizer is enriched with complexes that energize and hydrate your skin to its most radiant potential. No joke, it is ba-na-nas! Apply it religiously—at least once in the morning prior to putting on makeup and at night before bed—and you will notice results right away. Just in time for winter recovery, begin using Bulgari’s Source Defense Cream on your skin now and you will glow right on into spring. xoRZ

Availability: Bulgari Source Defense Cream ($185). For additional retailer information, visit Bulgari.com.

P.S. If you’ve missed me on the tube, tune into Bravo tonight to watch The Fashion Show at 10/9c. I will be a guest judge with Johnny Weir!