Get The Most Badass Braid Of Awards Season 

by Stephanie Montes

It’s official: the rule-breaker beauty award of the 2015 red carpet season goes to Jessica Chastain, who took the idea of a painstakingly tousled and thoroughly hairsprayed award show braid and threw it right out the window. Part ponytail and part traditional three-strand braid, this hybrid hairstyle makes us want to fast-forward to the weekend, when we can rock this messy-pretty look with our slouchiest jeans and most worn-in tee. Feel like copying it too? Here’s our quick tutorial for achieving the look.

Step 1

Pull hair into a half ponytail and tie with an elastic.

Step 2

Wrap a small chunk of hair around the base to conceal elastic. Pin ends to secure.

Step 3

Grab 2 sections from either side and tie them together with a tiny elastic.

Step 4

Separate into 3 sections and loosely braid. Secure with an elastic.


A weekend look in under 5 minutes.