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It's Time To Start Under-Eye Masking Like A Celeb

They're face masks for your eyes.

Hailey Bieber/Instagram
Best under-eye patches that celebrities use.

Hydrating, clearing face masks that you can use all over your skin are great, without a doubt — but the eye area needs its own approach. Do you want to brighten and even out dark circles? Or moisturize fine lines close to your eyes? How about calming puffy under-eye bags? Then it's time to snag some of the best under-eye patches out there, because they know exactly how to soothe, moisturize, and treat skin types of all ages. And hey, if they inspire you to snap a cute pic for IG after you put them on, that's just a plus.

You don't have to stick to just one type of under-eye mask, too. Take Hailey Bieber's approach to eye care as your guide: The star has used Loops' eye masks ($20), Skin Camp's Magic Eyes Collagen patches ($4.59), and Chanel's Le Lift Firming Anti-Wrinkle Flash Eye Revitalizer ($130), presumably popping on the option best suited for her daily routine. A good lesson to keep in mind, once you start rounding out your face mask collection.

Below, 10 of the best under-eye patches, treatments, and masks.

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