8 Cool Pixie Hairstyles To Make Your Cut Feel Fresh & New

Short & Stylish.


The pixie cut is proof that a short length can really go a long way. While the big chop can be a hard decision if you’ve always had long hair, you’ll still have styling options with a pixie. From micro bangs to sparkly barrettes, here are eight fresh ways to wear the iconic cut.

Curly Faux Hawk

Natural curls that are closely cropped on the sides give the illusion of a faux hawk. While it’s perfect for medium to tightly coiled textures, it also combines volume with a no-fuss morning routine.

Add Hair Jewelry

If you’re looking to spice up your short style for a special occasion, try using a few small hair jewels to accessorize a simple slicked-back look. For the full effect, dot them around the hairline and the tops of your cheekbones for an eye-catching result.

Baby Bangs

Not only do these itty-bitty bangs frame the face, but they also have a timeless appeal that feels oh so French.

Volume Up Top

A tapered top and buzzed sides give this pixie an androgynous feel. To balance the sharpness of the cut, opt for a softer hair color and loosely fluff the hair using lightweight volumizing products.

Sparkly Barrettes

Probably one of the quickest — not to mention easiest — styles on this list, sparkly snap clips instantly give your hair a complete look in no time. Save this look for in-between wash days or busy mornings.

‘90s Close Crop

Pixies are pretty synonymous with the ‘90s, but it’s not hard to see why this sultry version remains popular today. Closely cropped with subtle waves and a tiny bang, make it a low-maintenance look that wears well across face shapes.

Wet-Look Pixie

Not only do products like gel and salt sprays add texture to a cropped cut, but they also make the pixie look edgy and cool. To get the full effect, apply them on wet hair and finish with a glossing spray.

Chic Twists

As your cut begins to grow out, consider your evolving length as an accessory to play with. This twist may be simple but paired with cascading bobby pins, it looks effortless yet sophisticated.


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