Day-and-Night-Moisturizer Combos For Your Skin Type

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Any skincare maven will tell you having a moisturizer for day and one for night is crucial to a healthy glow. While the a.m. variety is meant to lock in moisture (especially on those painfully long days), thick p.m. creams provide deeper hydration while you snooze. Although slathering it on is easy, customizing the perfect combination for your skin type can be tricky. Here, 4 power (product) couples that are made for each other.

Optimal Hydration

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Dry Skin

Dry skin begs for constant hydration, but it doesn't mean you have to lay it on thick in the morning. Opt for a hydrating cream-gel formula that'll keep your face plumped with moisture all day without weighing you down. For nighttime, treat your skin to a decadent, whipped evening cream for intense hydration and a boost of suppleness.

Normal Skin

Falling somewhere in between the skin-type categories, having normal skin is all about maintaining balance. Try a lightweight, hydrating formula that protects against pollutants during the day and a multi-tasking night cream to upkeep moisture and vitality.

Combination/Oily Skin

Moisturizing can be confusing for combo/oily skin as you don't want to start (or end) your day like a greaseball, yet want skin to remain hydrated. The key is to find an oil-free moisturizer with a gel consistency that'll both lock in moisture and keep the shine at bay.

Mature Skin

With skin that has been through it all, restoring youthful radiance is of high priority. Choose a fast-absorbing formula that'll reinstate moisture and combat dullness. For evening, invest in a luxurious oil-based cream to nourish and strengthen the skin and fight fine lines and wrinkles.