The Best Luxury Beauty Deals At Target Right Now

Say hello to seriously steep discounts on typically spendy brands.

by Wendy Rose Gould
Joanna Wojewoda / EyeEm/EyeEm/Getty Images
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Target always has a way of making you add more to your cart than you intended. But while you may have passed over the superstore’s beauty department in the past in lieu of higher-end boutiques, you should know that Target is surprisingly home to a selection of luxury skin care and makeup goods. Think: a rainbow assortment of glow-inducing skin care potions, hair care salves that’ll deliver the best blowout of your life, and makeup products that are perfect for all those holiday looks trending this season.

So before you drop your entire paycheck, why not shop Target’s on-sale luxury beauty finds to ensure your dollars really count? Lucky for you, I went ahead and did the homework, so you can add to cart with zero case of buyer’s remorse and an impressive luxe beauty haul that’ll have you feeling giddy.

From ELEMIS skin care products to Tarte mascara, these elevated beauty products are all currently discounted at Target. How can you resist when the finds are so good and the discounts are so steep? The answer: You can’t, and you shouldn’t.