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Yes, You Can Wear Blush With Rosacea — These Products Prove It

Rosy cheeks? Yes, please!

Rebecca Iloulian
Rebecca Iloulian wearing blush
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As much as I’d like to think otherwise, I too, am susceptible to the unavoidable beauty trends of the internet. And if there’s any makeup product having a moment right now, it’s blush. Its comeback is very real, especially with summer bringing in a wave of bright berry hues, making radiant, rosy cheeks the ultimate seasonal accessory. It's that essential touch you simply can't skip when walking out the door. But as a girl with rosacea, blush and I haven’t always seen eye to eye. My rosacea makes my cheeks naturally red, so adding more color can feel unnecessary and daunting. That said, walking past the blush section at Sephora always made me wistful for the latest viral cream blush. So I’ve taken this trend as a sign it’s finally time for me to take on the challenge and figure out how to wear blush with rosacea.

After some trial and error, I’ve finally cracked the code. The key is in the preparation: ensuring my skin is adequately hydrated to manage the rosacea, evenly toned with the right base layer to hide the natural pockets of redness, and selecting the right blush formula and applicator. For my dry skin, gentle cream blushes have become a game-changer. They blend seamlessly, adding a natural glow without the cakey finish often left by powders or the streakiness left by liquid formulas. I’ve also learned to apply it gently, directly onto the skin using a stick formula, and then blending it out with a fluffy brush to avoid triggering any redness from finger application. (Yes, my skin is that sensitive.) A brush allows me to apply it slowly and gently, without adding any finger pressure to my face and causing a flare-up.

When it comes to application, I keep it on the lighter side—no layering colors à la Hailey Bieber for me, just enough for a healthy, colorful flush on my cheeks. Throughout the day, I may notice little pockets of natural redness surfacing here and there, but because the blush application is light, I’ve actually grown to appreciate it as a cute little touch.

So, if you've also been hesitant about blush due to rosacea, fear not. I’m here to confirm that you can wear it and you can wear without irritation or flare-ups. Here are the ultimate gentle formula pinks that prove you can wear blush with rosacea and achieve a radiant, rosy look.