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I'm Treating Myself To The Ultimate Valentine's Day Date Night

No partner? No problem.

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I used to be one of those people who would wince at the thought of being single for Valentine's Day. However, after years of doing exactly that, I now see Feb. 14 as an opportunity to shower myself with love, as opposed to wallowing in disappointment that I'm not getting it from someone else. Now don't get me wrong, I love to be wined and dined for the holiday and doing what lovers do. But, unless a significant other drops magically out of the sky, I'll be sailing through this Valentine's Day alone. And I'm not bummed about it.

Considering the year we've all had, I've made the conscious decision to be my own romantic partner this year. I've scheduled a spa day for myself, complete with a fresh pedi, my favorite facial, and deep tissue massage. I'm taking myself to one of my favorite restaurants (socially distanced and outdoors, of course), have booked myself a hotel room for the night, and have arranged a masterfully curated self-care kit that I'll be indulging in throughout the evening.

Now, to some that may seem extra, but to me, there's no such thing as extra when it comes to self-love. And, to be frank, I deserve it. That's why I spent quite a bit of time nailing down the details of my Valentine's Day self-care kit this year. It includes carefully selected products that I can indulge in for my hotel stay and beyond. Each item is practical yet luxurious and reminds me that, with or without a companion, I deserve all the love and all the gifts. Check out what made the cut, ahead.