Beauty Tricks We Learned From Celebs & It Girls

The industry’s insiders happen to know a lot when it comes to beauty hacks: It’s no surprise that names like Jessica Alba, Suki Waterhouse and Caroline De Maigret are a wealth of knowledge when it comes to getting gorgeous. We picked up some sound advice from this batch of ladies over the past year, which we’ve rounded up here. Ahead, some of our favorite tips and tricks from celebs and It girls.

The Zoe Report

"I make a leave-in conditioning hair mask using avocado and olive or coconut oils. Mash up 2 avocados with a cup of olive oil and apply just to ends of hair. (Not at the roots, they’ll get too greasy.) Wrap your hair in a towel and sit in the sun or under a hair dryer for 5 to 15 minutes—heat helps the moisturizing Omega-3 fatty acids penetrate even deeper. Rinse out with cold water and your hair will be extra shiny and silky soft." Jessica Alba

Jo Malone

"Jo Malone's Lavender & Lovage candle is one of my favorites. I have a few of them sprinkled around my house and I almost always have them lit. There's something calming about the scent." — Kate Upton


"A makeup tip I swear by is to always use primer. Jill Freeman, the makeup artist at Shen, once told me primer is like spackle for your face. It fills in all the crevices which allows the makeup to glide on smoothly and evenly." — Jessica Richards


"I think most people already know this about me, but one of my more surprising beauty habits is that I don't like to brush my hair!" — Caroline De Maigret


"I rinse my hair with Coca-Cola sometimes because it gives it the perfect amount of volume and texture." — Suki Waterhouse

Into The Gloss

"I take an ice cube to my face every morning and ice my skin for 15 minutes." — Janessa Leone


"My grandma taught me that if you love something buy two of it, so I do that a lot." — Cydney Morris

Maybelline & Crest

"Don’t splurge on fancy mascaras or whitening trays—use drugstore products instead. My favorite mascara is Maybelline Great Lash Lots Of Lashes, and for white teeth, I love Crest 3D Whitening Toothpaste." — Dallas Wand


"My mother taught me this trick—use your lipstick on your cheeks, especially when you're out at night and need a little lift." — Gregg Renfrew


"My auntie always told me to put toothpaste on my zits, and it works! Back in the day when I would break out during fashion week, I would wash my face with cold water and add some steam before applying a dot of toothpaste." — Chanel Iman