Beauty Secrets From Around The Globe

by Stephanie Montes

Different cultures have tried-and-true beauty remedies as old as the civilizations themselves. We always love discovering new methods for achieving gorgeous skin and shiny hair so we looked to countries around this beautiful planet of ours to find out their beauty secrets. See our roundup of the best at-home treatments from around the world that you can DIY with items from your kitchen.


Since the days of Cleopatra, women have been bathing in milk for soft, rejuvenated skin.

Try Now: Add 3 cups of powdered milk to a warm bath to remove dead cells and soften skin. You'll instantly notice your skin becoming smoother and softer.

Photo: @chicayle

Dominican Republic

Women have been using garlic to strengthen their nails for centuries.

Try now: Finely chop half of a fresh garlic and add to a bottle of clear nail polish. Let sit for 10 days before applying to nails. The strengthening and antibacterial properties in the garlic make your nails stronger—but not without a bit of a stench.

Photo: @antallicstudios


For many generations, Italian women have been flaunting beautiful, glossy hair thanks to a nourishing yogurt and olive oil recipe.

Try now: Mix one cup of plain whole-milk yogurt with one teaspoon of olive oil. After shampooing, comb in the mixture and let sit for five minutes. Rinse the mask out with cool water.


Known for their smooth complexions, women in Mexico have long been exfoliating with avocado.

Try now: Make your own face scrub by drying out a clean avocado seed in the sun for one week. Cut into 4 pieces and drop into a blender to grind into a chunky powder. Mix the remnants of the seed with a daily moisturizer and massage into skin while in a steamy shower.

Photo: @thomasroyalldn


According to lore, Grecian gods bathed in rosemary water to purify and thicken hair.

Try now: Boil fresh rosemary in two quarts of water and let cool before pouring over clean hair. This cleanses any buildup on the scalp and stimulates follicles to spark hair growth.

Photo: @ka.qi_wiii


Women in Southeast Asia have been using a traditional tamarind skin peel to remove sunspots and acne scars for ages.

Try now: Remove the pulp from three fresh tamarind pods and mix with honey and water until the consistency becomes creamy. Massage onto skin and let sit for five minutes before washing off. Repeat weekly for lasting results.

Photo: @photos_by_eric_j