10 Life-Changing Beauty Products Found In The Baby Aisle

We’re all about trying the latest and greatest beauty goodies but sometimes they come at a price: harsh chemicals, scents, and dyes. That’s why we hit the baby aisle to find products that are specifically formulated without any harmful ingredients. What’s better is we’ve found some brilliant alternate uses for these beauty buys, perfect for those of us with ultra-sensitive skin. Consider this list of baby-safe lotions, wipes, and washes to be your new go-to the next time you’re strolling the drugstore aisles.

Rob The Cradle

For those of us who suffer from dry skin, using a baby-approved lotion may be just the trick to say goodbye to flaky patches. We can’t complain about the all natural, hypoallergenic properties of this healing balm either.

Whether you suffer from a skin condition or not, you’ll love the soothing affects of this wonder soap. Not to mention we can’t get over the earthy, freshly-showered-boyfriend smell.

Consider this your new favorite time-saving beauty product. Sprinkle on sheets when making your bed to soften skin and absorb sweat while you sleep. Then massage a quarter size amount into your roots before running out the door for grease-free hair all day long.

If you find your skin becomes irritated from traditional makeup removing wipes, try using cleansing baby wipes instead. The non-allergenic, scent-free attributes are ideal for those of us with ultra sensitive skin. We can’t believe we haven’t thought of it before either.

Why put harsh irritants on our skin if we don't have to? Have some fun in the sun without worrying about the harmful chemicals in your sunscreen by opting for a baby formula instead. This one from Neutrogena is made from 100% natural ingredients and is hypoallergenic. Genius.

We love an all-in-one hair product just as much as the next beauty junkie, but one that doesn’t strip any natural oils or cause any eye-stinging jumps up straight to the top of our list. Lather this sudsy duo all over without worrying about tears or irritated skin.

The fuller, softer tips of baby-safe cotton swabs make for an ideal eye shadow brush replacement when you can’t pack your full set of make-up tools. Throw a few in your bag for touch-ups during a night out.

Just like babies skin, the epidermis around our faces is one of the most sensitive areas on our bodies. Treat it as so by moisturizing with a synthetic fragrance-free face cream that reduces inflammation and redness. Double win? We think so.

We’re no strangers to Burt’s Bees natural products and their nourishing baby oil is no exception. Try it as a massage oil the next time you do an at home pedicure.