4 Products Team Zoe Would Take On A Desert Island

by Stephanie Montes

What warm-weather beauty essential would you take with you on a desert island? Tom Hanks had a volleyball (you know, Wilson, the real star of Cast Away), but we would want something a little more glam than that. We polled the girls in our office and were surprised with the results—mascara didn’t come up once. Here, find out what summer beauty products Team Zoe would take if we were stranded–whether or not it’s an SOS-type situation.

Photo: Vanessa Jackman

Refreshing Shower Gel

"I love nighttime showers and baths and the feeling of going to bed with really clean, gorgeous-smelling skin. This shower gel is one of my favorites for that purpose. The scent is incredibly fresh (no pun intended) and not too overpowering." -Megan Gustashaw, Editorial Director

Dewy BB Cream

“I would hands down take a tinted BB cream with me—my favorite is TooFaced’s multitasking formula. It protects with SPF20 and lends a nice dewy glow to my complexion with sheer (but impactful) coverage. It’s a godsend!" -Kristie Mikesky, Fashion and Beauty Editor

Nourishing Hair Mask

"Playing mermaid for the day gives your hair an incredible salty texture, but when you try to wash it out, it ends up feeling dry. I would take a conditioning mask to get my hair feeling nice and nourished again." -Stephanie Montes, Beauty Editor

Protective Sunscreen

"I'm obsessed with Coola's sunscreens—they are waterproof, made with organic ingredients and smell so good. When you're all alone and can't get to those hard-to-reach places, like your back, an aerosol spray is key." -Shannon Nash, Fashion and Beauty Editor