How To Get The Perfect At-Home Wax


What comes to mind when you think of your next bikini wax? Making an appointment to have a stranger get close and personal with your lady parts or do you prefer self-inflicted pain in the comfort of your own bathroom? Either way, we’re sure the thought of having hair ripped from your most sensitive areas sends chills down your spine. Lucky for you, we tapped the experts over at Bliss for tips to consider before your next at-home grooming sesh. Get the smoothest bikini line ever–sans the awkward encounter.

Shaving is like mowing your lawn–it cuts the hair and gives it more oxygen to grow back faster and stronger. When you wax, you pull hair from the follicle, which creates weaker regrowth.

Beach Body Scrub


Bobbi Brown

Step 1: Exfoliate

For the best results, exfoliate to rid the skin of dead cells and allow hairs to break through the surface before you wax.

Numbing And Cooling Spray


Completely Bare

Step 2: Numb

A numbing cream cools the area and preps the skin before waxing making the entire process a somewhat bearable.

Bikini Waxing Kit



Step 3: Wax

When pulling off the wax, hold skin taut and pull parallel and close to the body–pulling wax directly up can easily bruise the area.

Lavender Oil



Step 4: Cleanup

We can all agree that wax is sticky and sometimes messy. Use a gentle lavender oil to melt away wax residue and soothe redness.

Ingrown Eliminating Pads



Step 5: Aftercare

Never get another ingrown hair when you use these salicylic acid and green tea-infused pads. Use daily after showers in between waxing sessions.