How To Style Your Bangs

Since the task of styling your bangs can seem intimidating (not to mention high-maintenance!) we asked Byron Williams – one of Team Zoe’s go-to gurus when it comes to glamorous hair – for a few quick tips to get them just right, in a time crunch. The magic solution: a little bit of heat, combined with a touch of product and voila…you’ll be out the door in no time looking fab!

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Tips on Styling Bangs

The lovely Byron Williams at TZR HQ cutting staffers' bangs.

How To Style Side Bangs

For side bangs, Byron suggests styling the look with a flat iron to smooth fly aways and add volume. Finish with a lightweight hairspray for hold that allows movement.

Styling Associate Alyssa Sutter

Must-Have Product: Flat Iron

Must-Have Product: Flexible Hair Spray

How To Style Soft, Full Bangs

For a low maintenance approach, Bryon says to add a dime-size amount of oil to damp hair and blow dry your bangs with a round brush. Give the back of your hair a quick once-over and allow it to air dry.

Brand Integration Director Sarah Aguas

Must-Have Product: Hair Oil

Must-Have Product: Round Brush

How To Style Blunt-Cut Bangs

If you have a cowlick, Bryon suggests blow drying your bangs all the way to one side, then back the other way to force your bangs to fall straight. Keep blunt-cut bangs in place with a touch of firm holding hairspray.

Fashion & Beauty Editor Shannon Nash

Must-Have Product: Hair Dryer

Must-Have Product: Firm Hairspray