The Hair Trends Naturalistas Are Excited About For 2020

"Textured hair has so much versatility, so it's only right that show off all the things it can do."

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As naturals continue to bookmark their favorite textured looks on Instagram in hopes of trying the coolest protective styles or hero ingredient that promise curl definition like never before, the pros are already two steps ahead. Though 2019 was all about keeping it sleek and minimalistic in the hair department, experts note that the biggest winter 2020 natural hair trends are all about amping up the drama.

"The early 2000s was all about straight hair and waves," celebrity hairstylist and Dove ambassador Ursula Stephen tells TZR. "Well, this new decade is all about big hair and volume!" And that means that runway looks are having their moment in everyday life. "I personally love the way we're seeing styles from the runway translated," natural hair expert and Suave partner Koni Bennett says. "Textured hair has so much versatility, so it's only right that show off all the things it can do."

While the switch-up is constant, one thing remains the same: a need for moisture. "Ladies with natural, textured hair need to continue to focus on keeping their hair moisturized," Stephen says. "It allows for increased length retention for flawless curls, coils, and waves."

So if you're tired of playing it safe in the hair department, check out eight growing natural hair trends that are nothing like the decade before.

2020 Natural Hair Trends: Old Hollywood Sculptures

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“I believe we are going to start seeing a lot more sculptures with volume and position," Vernon François, celebrity hairstylist and founder of his eponymous haircare line says. "You don't often get to see women that look like Lupita [Nyong'o] or have similar hair textures — like the curly-kinky-coily hair textures — do something so glam with shape, giving you Old Hollywood on the red carpet.”

2020 Natural Hair Trends: Ponytails Galore

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"While a sleek ponytail was an opportunity to showcase a gorgeous beat, ponies of all kinds are making their own statement on the red carpet — especially among textured hair," Stephen says. "From the wet look with a low sleek pony to a high pony dazzled up with lots of hair accessories, there’s tons of ways to dress up a ponytail. I am excited to see how stylists will be creative this new year!" Actor Yara Shahidi was one of the first this year to hit the red carpet wearing the style, showing off a cropped, braided ponytail at the 2020 Golden Globe Awards in Los Angeles on January 5.

2020 Natural Hair Trends: Collagen-Packed Hair Products

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The magical protein that's already proven to be great for our skin and nails is just as beneficial for hair, too. By increasing the hair's keratin production and preventing shedding, collagen-rich products increase volume, and aid in creating overall fuller heads of hair, says Stephens.

2020 Natural Hair Trends: Zero-Tension Twists And Braids

While protective styles aren't going anywhere, naturalistas are continuing to find ways to alleviate tension on the scalp through twist and braid styles that feed-in hair further down the shaft rather than at the base of the scalp like traditional box braids. One way is spring twists, a style that uses weightless crochet extensions that can be worn at any length. And of course, knotless braids will continue to have their moment. "Knotless braids are a growing trend that remove the stress of box braids on her edges and scalp allowing a seamless look and allowing women to dive right into the fun styling possibilities, without worries about hair loss," Stephen says.

2020 Natural Hair Trends: "Baby Hair Art"

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While baby hair is anything but a trend, being a staple of Black beauty for decades, these days, the look is being taken to new heights with the addition of rhinestones and accessories like ornate beads and hints of glitter. "I'm expecting naturals to really lean into having fun with different baby hair art. The possibilities are really endless," Bennett says of the look which has been seen on runways, like Brandon Maxwell's Spring/Summer 2020 showcase. To achieve, dip an edge brush or tooth brush in an edge gel, and twist hair as desired, adorning with whatever you please.

2020 Natural Hair Trends: Goddess Braids

"Goddess braids continue to be a fan favorite because there’s no one way to style them," Stephen says. "These oversized cornrows can be worn in a high or low bun, pony, or straight back. Stylists can get creative with different tracing patterns and cornrow sizes. It allows all women to rock their crown in a style that best reflects their personality or occasion while keeping their natural hair tucked away and protected."

2020 Natural Hair Trends: Textured Microlinks

"Microlinks have definitely caught my eye," Stephen says of the growing hair trend, where extensions are molded to the hair through small links. "It’s a cool option for someone who is looking for versatility without damaging effects, and can be achieved adding any hair texture you desire."

2020 Natural Hair Trends: Braided Bobs

"The braided bob is a super chic look that I’ve been getting more requests for." Bennett says. "It's perfect for anyone looking for a low-maintenance look."