How To Look Better On FaceTime In Three Seconds

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There's something about the cameras on our phones and laptops that can make us completely question our appearance and makeup skills. That eye look you created looks nothing like it did in the mirror, your complexion appears dull, and suddenly, that perfect lip combo you created isn't translating at all once the video call begins. Luckily, these makeup tips for Zoom meetings are all about looking just as good on FaceTime and Zoom as you do in person.

The good news? "There's no need to overdo your makeup," Tasha Reiko Brown, a Los Angeles-based celebrity makeup artist, assures TZR. "Everyone is in the same boat here, taking calls in the super casual environment of their homes. No one is expecting anything red carpet-worthy on Zoom. The goal is just to look refreshed and vibrant." But glamming up our faces will not only get us recognized amongst our peers — it can also serve as a form of therapy. "Putting makeup on and taking pictures on a down day really can really boost the spirit," Painted By Esther, a London makeup artist, notes. "It’s important to do the little things to that make us feel good during these times."

The formula to the ideal video conference look is simple: "Bring out your best features and hide your less desired ones," makeup artist Lauren D'Amelio notes. "Stay more neutral for business meetings, similar to what you would go to work in. Or you can get more glam for Zoom calls with your friends. Think about how you would do your makeup if you were going out with them."

So ahead, check out the easy-to-execute makeup tips that will make and impression from miles, states, and even countries away.

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Makeup Tip For Zoom Meetings: Sculpt Your Brows

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"Your brows frame your face, so make sure you are grooming them!" D'Amelio says. "An un-done brow can drag down your entire face, especially on camera." To give yourself definition, brush your arches up with a spoolie and lightly fill in your sparse areas with a micro pencil.

Makeup Tip For Zoom Meetings: Go For "Soft Glam" Skin

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"Apply the foundation, concealer, and cream blush as normal, then set the middle parts of the face," Esther suggests. "Then, dust the outer parts of the face very lightly with remaining powder. Finally, apply some highlighter to your desired areas."

Makeup Tip For Zoom Meetings: Try A Bright Lip

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"Small screens and questionable Wi-Fi often means that you won't achieve a high-res image," Brown notes. "A bright lip makes your face pop onscreen. Subtle soft details tend to get lost in group Zoom meetings. However, a bright lip makes you seem more awake and vibrant. It has an energy to it." Pro tip: Clean up your lines with a small brush dipped in micellar water for a crisp finish.

Makeup Tip For Zoom Meetings: Play With Eyeliner

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"Definitely try some bold liner looks, and don't be afraid to play around with more color," Esther says. "Black women sometimes tend to shy away from bright colors like pinks and blues. But those colors compliment our skin — and eyes — so well!" If your lids are greasy, simply dust them with a bit of setting powder to cut back on shine before you swipe.

Makeup Tip For Zoom Meetings: Amped Up Your Mascara

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Lashes typically disappear under the gaze of unforgiving cameras. That said, instead of falsies, opt for layers and layers of volumizing mascara. "A double-dose will do the trick," Brown says.

Makeup Tip For Zoom Meetings: Go For The Gloss

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When in doubt — or if you're just feeling lazy — add some dimension to the lips with a tinted gloss. "It takes a look from 0 to 100 in no time," Esther says. Plus, if your gloss formula is malleable, you can easily use it as highlighter for a dewy, natural glow. Just tap a bit on the back of your hand, lightly press into your cheekbones, and go. (To your desk, that is.)

Makeup Tip For Zoom Meetings: Intensify Your Eyeshadow

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"A bright, bold, graphic eyeshadow is all you see on social media right now," D'Amelio says. "I see more artists stepping out of their comfort zones and trying looks they typically would not have tried on themselves if they were leaving their house." And with plenty of time at home, now is the best time to test-drive that look you've had bookmarked for months.

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