5 Ways To Cleanse Post-Holiday

10 small cups with tea on a wooden plate as way to cleanse post-holiday

The day after Thanksgiving, it’s safe to say you might regret a few things. A third helping of mashed potatoes? The extra cookies you blindly snagged over coffee? What might be even more frightening than your Turkey Day overindulgences are the holidays that lie ahead—cocktails, appetizers and potlucks galore. To reset and recharge your body this season, we suggest trying a cleanse to rid your body of toxins that make you feel sluggish. Whether you’re suited to soup cleanses, tea detoxes or organic meal plans, here are 5 different methods that will get you feeling healthy this holiday season.


Soup Cleanse

This cleanse helps to nourish your body at approximately 1200 calories a day through various bottles of amazing soups. Over the 3 day cleanse, enjoy 24 soups infused with over 100 varied whole foods. It also includes includes six 16 oz waters, six 16 oz hot soups, three 12 oz hot broths and nine 12 oz cold soups & tonics.

Tea Detox

This tea detox is a 14 day program that abides by two steps per day. Drink the morning tea to start your day, which acts as a stimulant to give you energy throughout the day while suppressing hunger and kickstarting your metabolism. At night, enjoy the evening tea which is what cleanses and detoxifies your body by flushing out your digestive tract to eliminate unwanted waste.

Juice Cleanse

Perfect for your very first juice cleanse, these juices are sweet in flavor and easy to drink. A cleansing process involves drinking six juices a day with the intention of recharging and refueling your body.

Meal Cleanse

This purifying meal cleanse includes clean, vitamin rich meals, snacks and shakes that are all easy to make and travel well. The purpose is to eliminate foods that are heavily processed, allergenic or that are prohibiting your body from naturally detoxifying as it should by replacing it with foods that will re-energize your body naturally.

Immunity Builder

This immunity boosting juice helps to fight against sickness and prevents other illnesses from entering the body. You will really feel the cleansing via the mixture of citrus juices with a gingery, cayenne kick and oil of oregano.