Super Bowl 2016: Bey Slays Halftime

As we’ve seen in the past, Super Bowl halftime shows can be a little hit or miss, and Sunday’s performances are drawing a mixed reaction from fans on Twitter. However, given Beyoncé performed her new single “Formation” and had a dance-off with Bruno Mars, we consider the event a win. Accompanied by dancers who were outfitted in custom Zana Bayne ensembles that many are saying were meant to pay homage to the Black Panthers, the singer went so hard that she appeared to almost lose her footing at one point. Despite the stumble, Bey still managed to outshine her cohorts (though if anyone could come close, it’s the insanely talented Bruno Mars).

Also of note was the show’s video tribute to previous Super Bowl performers, including Michael Jackson and Whitney Houston, set to Coldplay’s “Fix You.” Beyoncé herself gave a nod to Jackson by echoing the outfit he wore for his 1993 Super Bowl performance.

In what we like to call a classic Beyoncé mic drop moment, the singer then blew our minds once again by announcing a new world tour via a commercial that aired directly after her performance. Everyone, everywhere responded by saying, “YAS, queen!”

Photo Credit: Getty Images