Chanel Will Take Its Next Fashion Show to Cuba

In just a few short months, Cuba has gone from the US’s last Cold War enemy–closed to all but a few Americans–to the A-list’s favorite destination. A travel embargo is still in place, but if anyone can warm up relations, it’s Karl Lagerfeld. Get your Mojitos and cigars ready… The designer announced just this week that Chanel‘s Resort 2017 show will take place in Havana on May 3, 2016, following a grand tradition of global outposts for the brand’s over-the-top shows.

What can we expect? If past shows are any indication, 2017’s first fashion moment will draw heavily from its show’s location. Think bright colors, dramatic ruffles and straw fedoras, all drawn from Spanish and African origins. Think Celia Cruz, Gloria Estefan and Candida Quintana. We look forward to seeing how Lagerfeld interprets Cuba’s signature style to create a global fashion statement, and we anticipate lots of discourse on how he does so–and whether its sensitive to the Caribbean nation’s controversial past and promising future. Want to get in the mood now? Pick up a copy of Ernest Hemingway’s The Old Man and the Sea and turn up Sammy Davis, Junior, and the DeCastro Sisters on your stereo. You’ll be ready for next May in no time.