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The Ultimate Gift Guide For The Friend With A Million New Year’s Resolutions

We all have that pal.

by Natalia Lusinski
wellness gift guide
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That time of year is here — when one’s mind starts thinking about the New Year and the changes they’ll be making. And we all have that pal who starts early in compiling a laundry list of resolutions a mile long. Maybe want to work out more or simply move their bodies more frequently, or maybe they’d like to clean up their eating habits (more greens, less sugar), or perhaps they want to start journaling or meditating every morning. When it comes to gifting said goal-oriented friend this holiday season, the key might be in helping them get a jumpstart on their 2023 planning.

If a friend has anxiety, you may want to get them some Therapy Dough that they can shape and squeeze when they’re stressed. (Plus, each canister of dough is infused with soothing essential oils — lavender, orange, and eucalyptus.) Or maybe your health-centric friend wants to exercise more, so you gift them a ClassPass gift card, which allows them to pick and choose which workouts to try, whether it’s yoga, cycling, Pilates, etc.

Or maybe your friend wants to start bike riding — but doesn’t have a bike. The VanMoof S5 is perfect — and also electric. In addition to having lights in front and back, it even has built-in LED light rings on the handlebars and lets you track your biking distance with its app.

Ahead, check out more about gift ideas above, as well as more options for wellness-, fitness-, and nutrition-focused finds that are great for those who want to prioritize their mental and physical health in 2023.

For The Friend Who Wants To Exercise More

For The Friend Who Wants To Prioritize Mental Health

For The Friend Who Wants To Focus On Self-Care

For The Friend Who Wants To Clean Up Their Eating Habits

For The Friend Who Wants To Sleep Better

ŌURA ring
If your friend’s been searching for an easy way to track their sleep and overall health, an ŌURA ring is just the thing! It’s not only stylish, and comes in different colors, but will also monitor their activity levels, heart rate, stress, and more.