Grab These Mental Health Gifts For The Stressed-Out People On Your Shopping List

Wellness is in.

by Natalia Lusinski
mental health gifts

After the anxiety and stress of the last year-and-a-half, mindfulness is on many people’s minds and will continue to be a trend … so when it comes to 2021 mental health holiday gifts, you are more than covered. Whether you’re looking for something for your BFF, a family member, or even yourself, there are lots of gifts out there that’ll boost one’s mental state of mind. For example, with Worry Less Stones, you’ll (literally) have positive sayings at your fingertips, like “You are not alone” and “One day at a time.” Or you can crush your anxiety — physically and metaphorically — with a weighted blanket. These heavy toppers use “pressure therapy,” which imitates the feeling of being hugged or held, helping to alleviate anxiety and problems getting shuteye due to sleep disorders.

Or, if the person you’re gifting is more aromatically inclined, you can get them a self-care kit with an assortment of essential oils. And then there’s the perfect journal for people who are not into journaling (yet), Cheaper Than Therapy: A Guided Journal by Holly Chisholm (who admits not being into journaling herself!). Serious or more light-hearted, there’s the right mental health gift out there for everyone. Read on for some of TZR’s favorites.

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